Link2SD‏ for Android

Bulent Akpinar
إدارة التطبيق كاملة، والانتقال إلى SD، ذاكرة التخزين المؤقت واضحة، وإزالة من bloatware وأكثر من ذلك
  • undodozydouff

    undodozydouff Essential for HTC Wildfire S & Star N9599T As an accidental bonus [relink library files] triggers a 'garbage dump' that often clears lots of space in internal storage! [v3.1] works well, but it now occasionally locks when starting requiring cleanups from the top-left menu. This one app has made my HTC Wildfire S usable :-) It also lets me freeze unwanted apps. [v3.7.3] I don't like the new 'flat' styling & the 'light' colour scheme looks 'washed out', but apart from that it still seems to be working fine [v4.0.10] still evaluating Fantastic

  • Ritecapemia

    Ritecapemia How to buy it. I want to buy this pack but adding my debit card to google is not happening as google says invalid credit card. Is there any other way to buy it please tell me. Worth it!

  • michaelbacak

    michaelbacak How to make the 2nd partition ? Sorry,I dont know how to. Please make an instruction for the user to make the 2nd partition. 5 star

  • santhoshindia

    santhoshindia worked until android 5.1 Please fix ability to integrate system app updates. stopped working with android 5.1 on Nexus 5 Omg

  • ShemarAckers

    ShemarAckers Great App Keep it up guys, well done buddies, this is d best app i have ever used, using from last 3 yrs great app, nice work guys :) Great!

  • dharmendra_transform

    dharmendra_transform Link2sd This is what i bin looking for it said this is good for 0+ users my phone is 0+ and my memory phone is low i hope this will help. Well done!!

  • aschafer

    aschafer ♡ Just what I have been looking for. Now I have much more space for photos, music and apps. Go well

  • abcdefgh6

    abcdefgh6 A must have app for rooted phones One of the two apps I install first when I format my phone. If you download a lot of massive games/apps, this app is a must have. I can't stress that enough. Keeps adding more functionality. Pay for the Plus app!! I would rate this app 5 times infinity if I could! Perfect!

  • MsTonya

    MsTonya Awesome app It is a superb app.but sometimes it is not responding in latest update.please fix this bug Works great

  • Fenghuaw

    Fenghuaw must have for every rooted user with low memory phones. Well done!!

  • goannatree

    goannatree This is a must have app for phones with limited internal memory. Cool

  • jeffbrooks

    jeffbrooks Additional functionality like cleaning cache makes the cache cleaner apps obsolete. Must have

  • AndrewWarren

    AndrewWarren Developer ignores emails. Magnific

  • ardvaark

    ardvaark Dangerous brutal clear cache! The new clear cache method is dangerous! It brutally deletes everything including some app/games 'cache'. If you managed your cache manually like i do, you'll get a not so nice surprise. Lose half its usefulness now. Reverting to previous version unless default method changed back as previous.. Recommend to take Link2SD APK

  • steelestreet

    steelestreet Great Thank you so much for creating this app. I was fed up was the Cell Broadcast SMS. Finally I removed that app from my S2 mobile. Now I m relaxed.. Recommend to get Link2SD APK

  • anddii_martiinez

    anddii_martiinez Awesome app I have just 512MB of app storage on my phone. I didn't have enough space for Google search! Link2SD solved this problem with ease! Beautiful new UI and very useful features. Keep up the good work!. Recommend to install Link2SD APK

  • amokereoria

    amokereoria Thank you so much I like the idea of using symbolic links as a workaround for phones that don't natively support moving apps to an external SD card. It made my life so much easier.. Recommend to install Link2SD APK

  • mucklese

    mucklese Thankful For This App! I have a 8MB tablet and a 16MB SD card in...couldn't download much due to big apps and boyfriend installed this on his phone and my tab...omg I can download sooooo many apps...big or small...and still have hella space left! Thank you creators...5+++ Stars!!!. Recommend to download Link2SD APK

  • cindyd

    cindyd Thank U.. :) Im a rooted-dual core 1,3Ghz- gingerbread user and this application really helps for memory spaces solution... Recommend to download Link2SD APK

  • zameenkaushar2009

    zameenkaushar2009 Excellent app Great ui & very useful features, Coloured status bar would be a great addition. Recommend to get Link2SD APK