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simplest لو أنجع وسيلة لتمديد عمر البطارية الهاتف تصل إلى مرة 2-3X

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هذا التطبيق هو الطريقة الأبسط والأكثر فعالية لتمديد عمر البطارية الهاتف. لصناعة السيارات في تعطيل واي فاي واتصال الشبكة الخلوية البيانات عندما تحولت قبالة الشاشة.

الملامح الرئيسية للنسخة DEMO:
- التكوين سهلة
- اختصارات لتمكين يدويا / تعطيل اتصالات شبكة واي فاي والخلوي.
- الخيار لاستخدام القطعة التي تظهر شحن البطارية على الشاشة الرئيسية.

لمزيد من الميزات (بطارية وسائط مختلفة التوقف، والخيار لإظهار شحن البطارية٪ مؤشر على شريط الحالة) الحصول على النسخة الكاملة متوفرة في السوق في Google Play.

لا تظهر أي تطبيق لافتات تجارية، لا يحتوي على أي برامج التجسس والبرمجيات الخبيثة وظيفة.

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تعليقات حول Long Battery Life DEMO‏

  • unlolelew

    unlolelew Lg g pro This battery app long battery but too a bit not help cos not power for extend longer

  • dylanbarnes716

    dylanbarnes716 Amazing Now I can save more power in Android Kitkat 4.4.2 because this version is believed and considered to have a bug in battery. I had tried many tricks but nothing works.. Even the battery calibrating but with this app it is very useful

  • dedyToobime

    dedyToobime Its Ok.... need fixing It works... but keep turning off network completely too much when screen is on it sopose to only turn off when screen is off..... need fixing

  • GalcilidayBed

    GalcilidayBed I love it This app is cool I can last all day and it can stay all night without charging and in the morning it will have the same battery level that you had before going to sleep if you don't use it obiosly

  • abelmeri

    abelmeri 1 imp. Feature missing! It disconnects the internet while downloading something,when the screen is would enable the internet while downloading

  • HackerHalted09

    HackerHalted09 Works but shuts WiFi off randomly! This app works well, when it works. It keeps WiFi on for me when I'm using my phone then randomly shuts it off while my screen is on. Please fix this!!

  • mizanniit

    mizanniit Doesn't work all the time.! The app doesn't turn wifi back on or data if left for about 20 mins. I'm running gb on sgs2. Thought this app was so simple aswell. I just force close and it re starts the app. Annoying though.

  • create190

    create190 #battery-monitor No customizability! Nice app. Does what it says. Would give an extra star when I get some customizability (for free). Is it possible to control just wifi with this app? I want to keep data always ON.

  • usla_ltd

    usla_ltd #live-wallpaper Excellent app! I have recommended this app to several people. Before downloading Long Battery Life DEMO my phone (Xperia Arc S) would have about 30% battery left after 12 hours, now it has about 70% left after the same time and usage and over 50% left after 24 hours. There are lots of other similar apps around, but this was the only one I could find that didn't ask for permissions for lots of things I don't believe such an app should need. If the paid version had an option to connect data for a couple of minutes per hour for synching I'd buy it, for now the free version suits my needs.

  • Justkentukie

    Justkentukie Amazing! Who knew that something so little like turning off the data when not in use because the screen is off can do so much for battery life!!!. Recommend to install Long Battery Life DEMO APK.

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