ملصقات الحب - لتحرير الصور for Android

eToolkit Inc
تحويل الصور إلى رهيبة الكولاج باستخدام إطارات الصور, شبكات, آثار &أمبير ؛ النصوص!
  • makewell

    makewell جربته..له تأثير في رفع درجة التقارب بين الاهل والاصدقاء ،لانه يسمح بأن تعمل اجمل الصور لهم..مما يدفعهم لمعزتك اكثر..ويفرحوا بالتواصل معك..شئ جميل ورائع تنهال عليك محبة الناس..وكله بسبب تطبيقاتكم الرائعة...شكرا لكم مع مليون نجمة من ذهب.وعسل دوعاني شبواني

  • tannynime8

    tannynime8 الله يسلمك يا جميل يا ريت الناس تفهم انا جربته جميل خالص والله

  • MccarthyCP

    MccarthyCP نتمنى زيادة الخطوط والعربية ايضا وتسهيل تدوير الصورة وحجم الخط وازالة الدعاية

  • petracom80

    petracom80 رووووووووووعات رووووووووووعات جميل جدا يسلم ايدكم حلووووووووووو جدا

  • kerosenemedia

    kerosenemedia احب هذا البرنامج لان هو فيه احلى القلوب وكل حاجه فيه حلوة

  • jaborgens

    jaborgens هو فوق الممتاز بس هو عاوز جزء تانى متطور يكون فيه اطارات احدث واطارات اكبر وشكرا ولكم جزيل الشكر زيزى من مصر الاسكندرية

  • sankarmanna789

    sankarmanna789 So good I like everything about this app. It has nice grids and frames. I can't stop editing my love it..... Enjoy it!

  • buywright

    buywright Love college It the best i can use it for musically and my other apps i can share with my friends and family it the best app if u get it u will like it too Must have

  • titleseo21

    titleseo21 Best app ever I have found It has beautiful themes and the most important thing I like is that it doesn't have any ads Good

  • ClearChoiceCarpet

    ClearChoiceCarpet Very good I am really feel like I have been working application for my android phone it is very important to me Cool

  • fyoqhnbxvaj

    fyoqhnbxvaj The best ever I've tried several apps for collages and none of them is half as good as this it!love it!also a lot of variety. Great!

  • jayaceto

    jayaceto Love Hey you gays..I Love have it on my old phone.. I just got to get it on the new phone Flawless

  • torontolocksmith

    torontolocksmith Yes very nice more developing collage and has unique message designs for every precoius occasion to express inner feelings. Surprisingly

  • alice8551

    alice8551 Awsome app... Almost every frames i used for my beloved wife was rated 5 stars..thanks a lot for this dedicated team... Amazing!

  • dream_girl_94

    dream_girl_94 Best app ever I love this app because it's fun and you get to express your creativity the most. I think I like all the apps relating to this but this one takes the cake. Great job

  • cuzietho

    cuzietho It's very nice. Only my concern is am not able to move app from phone memory to external card memory. It's consuming more memory. Fabulous!

  • rohitbatra

    rohitbatra Fun Love playing around with all the photo options! Only wish it would allow changing size of the picture frames. Great job

  • BravaBra

    BravaBra Amazzzing Its so easy to use. The best thing about is that it already has borders so u can just choose ur pic and the style 5 star

  • cerbit

    cerbit Easy to use!! Love this app, not only is it easy to use ads aren't in your way. Has great grids and effect. #AwesomeApp Just wow

  • appassure

    appassure OMG this app is so cool I really enjoy editing my pics , I made one with my boo n I and I sent it to him n he ❤ it Pretty good