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الغوص في الجو الروحاني السيرك! مباراة مثيرة 3 لعبة!

( 3,539 )
الإصدار: 1.1.6
حجم: 17.78 MB


السحر سيرك - وهذا هو عالم غامض خاص، نظرة خاطفة وراء أبواب هذا الحلم ليس فقط الأطفال. فإن الغلاف الجوي للعبة التقاط لكم من الدقيقة الأولى!
خلق مزيج من 3 في صف واحد. جمع بلورات لتمرير المستويات، واستخدام السحرية وشكا من السلطة، وأنها سوف تساعدك في تمرير هذا اللغز المثير.

مباراة خالية تماما 3 لعبة!
وهناك عدد كبير من المستويات!
وهناك الكثير من العقبات!
لا توجد أية قيود على الوقت أو محاولات ل- اللعب بقدر الضرورة!

بدأ السحر! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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    EFFERAWAR Videos The videos for extra coins isn't working! Hasn't been working for a few days now. Please fix Thanks Marvelous

  • hendrickchevrolet

    hendrickchevrolet Great challenges I love this game so much! I'm on level 50,and I was wondering if that's all your allowed to play? I hope u make more Amazing!

  • inikesneakers

    inikesneakers Great match 3 game! At first I was not too keen on this game, but after getting into the more difficult levels I began to enjoy the game much more. Recommend

  • TipHicHeadiva

    TipHicHeadiva This sucks You need to update a way for those of us who don't had money to blow to get coins. So we can get power ups!!! Perfect

  • boriscaner66

    boriscaner66 Match 3 Jewels Love it!! I like the strategic element in the game. It's not just another connect-three game. It also has very nice graphics. I enjoy it very much! Highly Recommend.

  • brittwbu

    brittwbu Nice game It is a great game, love it, allways play had for 2 days, defiantly age appropriate, try this epic game, like I did you'll never risist!!! 5 star

  • ubcool2

    ubcool2 Good game It's lots of fun and very entertaining. Great game for keeping the youngsters happy and engaged. Good strategy game. Surprisingly

  • kathere

    kathere Best match 3 game!!! Much better than Jewels, which locked up on me quite a bit. The only thing I'm bummed about is you don't have 3 choices anymore. Sometimes, I can take a break and go on to a 2nd or 3rd level. Then I come back later. Muito bom!

  • shah123456

    shah123456 Love this game This match-three game is quite good. The play is smooth. The graphics are fine. There's an important feature all match-three games should have. Few do. That's the ability to skip. Not too much challenge, but sometimes that's all right. Omg

  • wilsonhender614

    wilsonhender614 Addictive game It's good for what it is there's lots of games out there using this format but is say if your going to install any make it this one plenty of levels doesn't freeze up and also and this for me is the game changer no constant ads for other games or promoting you to download this and that and every other piece of crap in between Just wow

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