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اللغز الشهيرة على الهاتف الخاص بك! الهدف هو أن يعود كل وجه من المكعب إلى الحالة الأولية. فهو يدرب المنطق التركيز والصبر. ميزات التطبيق:

* كل شعبية مكعبات المتاحة: 2х2х2, 3x3x3 ، 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7 و 8х8х8
* واقعية 3D الرسومات والصور المتحركة
* بسيطة وسهلة التحكم
* مجانا المكعب التناوب في كل محور
* الإنجازات والمتصدرين. مشاركة الوقت مع العالم كله!
* انها مجانية!

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تعليقات حول Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

  • nmxhggt

    nmxhggt Solved in 3 mins A real cube could be solved faster... but i guess since this is my 1st time, i might be slow. The interface is awesome! As an improvement, you could have the images of the side faces on all 4 edges of the screen. Definitely worth 5 stars. Awesome

  • elovereaviorm

    elovereaviorm Fun and Challenging Great app! Took a few tries to get used to all of the controls, but once you got it down; it is easy to work the puzzle. Solving a Rubik's cube is a perishable skill and this app allows people to keep those skills fresh. love it

  • xkzumlx

    xkzumlx Fun! I love rubix cubes and after a few minutes it felt good. Not for speed cubing naturally lol Pretty good

  • lovely786

    lovely786 Great game It is almost real and rotating the cubes is so easy. Deserves 5*. The next update should come up with a feature that records progress in terms of time taken to solve the puzzle. Thank u.

  • himalifr925

    himalifr925 Good app Really well crafted app. The rotation takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm

  • APU_09

    APU_09 It's great, but.. Rotating the cube to look isn't good! It'd rotate 90 degrees in all directions - not freely! Or, its can move freely and geometrically both. But this free rotation isn't comfortable. And graphics can be better. Rest is good. :) I'll make it to 5 stars if it gets better.

  • ada001

    ada001 Close to the real thing Started playing once I solved a real one. A little hard to get used to because of sensitivity of control, but the same moves work here as in the official solution, which is great.

  • bigticketpromos

    bigticketpromos Difficult Its really tough to adjust the view of the cube fixed x and y axis would make it much more intuitive, very accurate turns though

  • dietexpert1

    dietexpert1 Good app. Not going to be the same as a real cube, but it's still a cube that you can solve. The response is good and sides move like they should. Only when your moving the cube to orientate it so you can see the different sides does it get awkward. Still, the issue isn't a huge problem as long as you just use two fingers to position. Good app.

  • hareshacharya

    hareshacharya Almost perfect Nice, the cube is very easy to handle after you practice for a while. I gave it a 4/5 because is verry power consumming. Even after you close the app, it keeps running in backgroung and your battery will drain faster.

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