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  • mdarell

    mdarell اللعبة روعه وجميله ولا تصدقون للناس الي يقولون مو حلوه انصحكم ما تحملوها يكذبون

  • Ggwfdoci

    Ggwfdoci العبه كتير مسليه انا احب هاذا الطتبيق جدا

  • spea89

    spea89 اجمل و احلى واروع تطبيق رسم و تلوين على الاطلاق يلي يحب الرسم و التلوين متلي انصحكم بتحميله

  • Ertyrfdv

    Ertyrfdv افضل تطبيق شفتو بحياتي رائع جدا انا لما نزلتو قلت في نفسي اضن ان التطبيق مو حلو بس لما نزلتو إقتنعت ههههه او سحبت كل ما قلتو هههه و شكرا للشخص إلي جاتو هادي الفكرة لانو هادي اللعبة مرة حلوة♥♡

  • lcdlwwwpiqe

    lcdlwwwpiqe حلو حلو حلو حلو ويلي يابا مجمالو والله لا خطفو من هلو وفقليبي خلي عايش للعلم اسم الأغنية (احس تجري ويا النفس)

  • sefacinc

    sefacinc اللعبة حلوة كتتيير لؤنو امن اضوج العب بيهة بحيث كمت ما اشعر بالضوجة بسايرادلها خلك ههووااايي بس كلش حلو وشكرا ولي عجبتة يدوسلي لايك رجاءآ

  • ThidaHair

    ThidaHair انها جميله جدا انا اعجبتني جدا حملوها هيا جميله حقا

  • InCharged

    InCharged جد شي حلو وبجنن. بتمنى الكل ينزلهاا وبتسلي. وممتعه وبتعلم كيف بكون تنسيق الالوان مع بعض ❤❤❤

  • riogoesglobal

    riogoesglobal راااااااااااائع، فائق الخيال، لقد احببته، يجمع الالوان و يرتبها حسب اللون ، انصح الجميع بان يحمل هذا التطبيق

  • dgansle

    dgansle تحفة و أحلى ما فيها إنك تقدر تصنع صورة بنفسك علشان تلونها

  • Chef_morgan

    Chef_morgan Love the colours I love to colour the set pics and I am learning how to move and zoom without leaving coloured marks everywhere! But that's just me being nieve. I still haven't fathomed out how to save what I've done, so a little 'help' button to tell me how to do things wouldn't go amiss for us oldies who are not quite so 'into ' technology! Otherwise it's a lovely program, well done. Not bad

  • shaneharwood691

    shaneharwood691 I love it! It's the most relaxing app I've ever used! Please keep making !ore drawings for us to fill in! Thanks for making this app! Now we don't have to buy these books from stores! Theyre kind of expensive. Works perfectly

  • michaeljordan02

    michaeljordan02 LOVE This Stuff What better way to spend time while waiting at a doctor's office or at the bus stop. Those fowl ads must be stopped as it takes away from the applacation/game and causes stress.a Superb!

  • maltha

    maltha Time killer FTW If your needing to kill an afternoon or have some empty space in between being tired and going to sleep definitely get this app. Really chill and relaxing plus you can even create various shades of color with out spending hundreds of dollars on colored pencils. Have and will continue to recommend this app to family and friends Perfect!

  • pqkhwkgyds

    pqkhwkgyds Lack of designs. Could be better. None of the designs shown in the advert are in the app itself. No new designs for quite some time. One can only do the same pattern over and over before getting bored of them. The is supposed to be relaxing no? Pretty good

  • Poinianom

    Poinianom Super relaxing I always use it at night before i go to bed or in the afternoon when im feelinv tired and lazy Awesome

  • biltu1971

    biltu1971 Pages have some issues I've tried coloring four pages so far. Two colored beautifully. Two had an issue where there was a bleed spot between segments and I couldn't get the segments to fill in separately. I even tried drawing a black line over the preprinted black line but that didn't stop the color fill from bleeding over. It was frustrating to have to trash a partially filled in page due to color bleed. I also don't like how I can't delete the flawed templates from the coloring book. Recommend

  • brock10cohen

    brock10cohen Love the colours I love that we now have a choice of the colour wheel & original colour spectrum, thank you. But the colours from some segments still bleed into each other. It's very frustrating. Please test the designs before adding them. Works great

  • aiyeshiahudson

    aiyeshiahudson Great de-stresser This is an great app! Its an amazing timekiller and it helps deal with stress. Usually I will get more stresses when drawing on pen and paper, but this is wayy better!! And its great since i've been waiting for my new pros drawing tablet to arrive at my house and this is making me get so pumped for when it arrives (It should tomorrow, Yay!) Even though I wont be using this app as often then, but it is helping me inprove my skills in coloring. All in all this is an great app, and I know that not everyone will agree with me, since we are all on different skill levels and we are different. Perfect

  • urgehouptor

    urgehouptor Fun, but not all images work correctly My daughter and I both enjoy this app, but some of the images don't work correctly. For example, there is one with two dolphins in the middle. You cannot color them separately. When you color them, the app fills both dolphin bodies except the dorsal fins and eyes, AND the background around them. Super frustrating. Wish there was a way to report when this happens. Perfect