Manuganu for Android

Alper Sarıkaya
Manuganu: منصة عداء
  • Medangeree

    Medangeree Pretty good. It's what you'd expect from a game like this, it does get a little repetitive but overall its great for killing the bordom. Controls are great and some levels are more challenging than they look - more levels would be great though as once you get 3 stars it's more or less game over. Omg

  • copper dopamine norepinephrine

    copper dopamine norepinephrine Manuganu is great This game is very good. I've played manuganu 1 and I don't have any complain. Great graphics and cool game. But I gave a problem.. I'm trying to download manuganu 2 but can't download it.. All it say is "waiting for network" can anyone help me? Not bad

  • offiddIgo

    offiddIgo Very nice Played it months back n completed...never thought it ll b released in again as manuganu2..... Really kept me engaged. Sorry developers for rating it in first review for a game is for you manuganu Go well

  • troursows

    troursows Probably the best mobile platform game I've ever played Congratulations on a fantastic free to play mobile game. Everyone who as downloaded this should spread the word. Marvelous

  • feesfreli

    feesfreli Its AWESOME! Took 10 minutes for it to download. If it went right away and not have these glitches. Thank you Brilliant

  • Reidsidodia

    Reidsidodia Stress out but addicted The higher level, the more stress I get.. But it is so addicted~ just love it.. IDK how.. LoL 5 star

  • indianpackersmovers

    indianpackersmovers Top notch game What a simple but still hard game. Lots and lots of time replayable. Thank you dev. Awesome game. wow lol

  • douglas03

    douglas03 Fixed bugs/glitches!!!!!! I'm so glad they fixed it. Such a good game the controls work great. don't know how they came up with such a good game. To summon it up its an all around a good game. Works perfectly

  • Clattarie

    Clattarie A little too good! This game...5/5. 1)Stunning Visuals- Check. 2)Smooth Gameplay- Check. 3)Non-repetitive Content- Check. 4)Comepletely free to play- Check. 5)Isn't that enough? And, it is made by an indie developer. Outclasses a lot of games. Marvelous

  • mork1960


  • TribSivealili

    TribSivealili Awsome game but It keeps glitching causing manuganu to get hit so I loose a life it is very hard to finish the level when this keeps happening Muito bom!

  • HuttyCync

    HuttyCync Help!!! I'm loving this game,but I can't seem to activate the platform in level 22. I've tried everything,but it's just not happening for me. Can someone explain please? Flawless

  • londonpc

    londonpc Jennie Love this game, it has beautiful graphics & is so fun to play. We need a new game each year!!! :) love it. Great job

  • Landabout

    Landabout better than subway surfers Omg it is one of the best games gone mad great graphics amazing it's an Indian game that's why people don't know much about it but if it comes to subway surfers then people are downloading it Superb!

  • flooringventura

    flooringventura Epic Epic , i played it all again to beat my high scores. Great experience. Looking forward for a 3rd installmnt Great!

  • naeem7863

    naeem7863 One awesome touch of brilliance Bored with subway surfers and temple run >> go for this game ,it would make you just WOOW Amazing!

  • stratpath

    stratpath Lovely platformer Great graphics, smooth controls,decent length. The variety in the level design and gameplay is admirable, considering that the game is pretty simple. Controls and moves are introduced gradually, so even beginners should have fun playing. It's really a lovely game all around. Plus it doesn't ask for a bunch of permissions to run, which is always appreciated. Highly Recommend.

  • ruchit

    ruchit Good I love it, nice graphic, simple, fun, and not heavy to play. Keep movin' forward. Recommend

  • oliviajoy22

    oliviajoy22 Really fun and active Really fun and its só tempting to play it and u will never get bored of it which is great !!! Not bad

  • SouthernStars

    SouthernStars Amazing This game defintiely deserves 5 stars for the graphics, screen touch, sensitivity, and, most importantly, ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE! It has alot of ads which is off-putting. It does have a few faults as well where the controls don't function properly so i would appreciate it if it gets fixed. Still deserve 5 stars. Fantastic