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Samer Zayer

Marvak - أيقونة حزمة

( 299 )
الإصدار: 1.3
حجم: 43M




- 1845+ HD الرموز
- تحديثات أسبوعية
- دعم متعدد قاذفة
- المادة كاملة لوحة
- UHD الغيمة خلفيات القائم
- أيقونات البحث
- أيقونات تطلب
- دينامية التقاويم
- دعم جدران Muzei

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تعليقات حول Marvak - Icon Pack

  • road2argentina

    road2argentina This is a great icon pack! Would love weekly updates though, as there are quite a few icons that need made Enjoy it!

  • copazuwajipxv

    copazuwajipxv Great icon set. I love the style of these icons, very different from other icon sets I have used. Not bad

  • stock_ham

    stock_ham Great style Wanted icons that were stylish, nice coloration without being cartoonish. Great style, enhances my phone's aesthetics without being too bright. Perfect for me.

  • Rachae123richl

    Rachae123richl Don't like how it miniaturizes apps it doesn't have. Should fit the app fully to the circle edge liked Balx, Merus, Click Ui, etc for apps it doesn't have. Could simply put the rustic overlay on top as I've seen other apps packs do this. Looks really weird when some are correct in size and others are little tiny icons inside the circle.

  • sean456

    sean456 Icons look sweet!!! I guess the advertised "weekly updates" Don't apply any longer, being that the last update was 30 Aug. I just can't believe the number of "major" apps that aren't covered. I guess I'm going to have to start reading through the app descriptions from now on & not rely on the rep of the dev. (4 the guy askn about the clock, it's in your widget list. Open up your list & apply it like you would any other widget. It's there under this icon pack).

  • aircomfort99

    aircomfort99 Awesome icons! This is the only icon pack I use. For everything. This is the best icon pack available imo. Goes with everything. I've used it on all kinds of texture wallpaper and color schemes. Amazing work!

  • Southcitybail

    Southcitybail Nicely done I purchased this in order to support the Dev. But I noticed comments regarding older icon packs. @ ellen S Seriously ? this review is regarding this icon pack not another. I am artist myself so i know a lot time is taken to give you a quality product obviously older icon packs become outdated just like clothes but this Dev needs our support so think before giving 1 star for the wrong item.

  • adebalog

    adebalog Finally! I have searched and searched for a great icon pack. This looks amazing and very well done. Top quality stuff.

  • Vimpherckin

    Vimpherckin Beautiful Love the icons but after the latest update the Facebook app logo disappeared and appeared on the messenger icon . can you fix that? Overall one of my fav icon pack. Edit: latest update fixed it

  • baronbright

    baronbright Regretful I do like the fully themed icons a lot, but I regret paying for pack. The "nonthemed" icons are tacky looking. It's also frustrating trying to edit a single icon because they are sorted by update. Would be much better if all icons were listed alphabetically.

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