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MediaGet - عميل تورنت بسيط و سهل الإستخدام للأندرويد.
حمِّل مجانا الموسيقى و الأفلام على هاتفك الذكي أو جهازك اللوحي بسرعة عالية. نوصي باستخدام اتصال عالي السرعة (واي فاي أو 4G).

المزايا الرئيسية:

- سهولة البحث باستخدام التلميحات.
- يمكنك تحديد الملفات التي تريد تحميلها؛
- السيطرة الكاملة على قائمة التحميل؛
- إعداد سهل للتطبيق؛

إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة أو اقتراحات ، يرجى مراسلتنا عبر نموذج الملاحظات على الموقع الإلكتروني :

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تعليقات حول MediaGet - عميل تورنت

  • geraldnguyen1025

    geraldnguyen1025 Useful app Good for downloading but stops downloading when screen is turned off...plz fix asap wow lol

  • thebackyard09

    thebackyard09 I like that it is simple and basic interface It doesn't have a lot of bullshit stuff like the browser. file manager and other stuff I don't need doesn't bog down the processor when downloading so u can do other things. Without losing performance ..and downloads really fast as well ..not to many clients out thr that perform well ...this is a great app ! Until they destroy it with updates !!! Muito bom!

  • Goveslefe

    Goveslefe Great app but... This app is very good.. Easy and simple to use but I can't download 2 files at once.. I thought it must be saying error because I had not much space in my device.. So for that, I cleaned my useless files and got plenty of vacant space left but still it was showing 'Error while downloading torrent' can it be fixed soon please? 5 star

  • RugCleaningOC

    RugCleaningOC Wicked app I use this as my only sorce of downloading as find this easy to run and stores my files where I specify really good app Great job

  • unicarf

    unicarf Very good app...on my lenovo A516...... But can't continue downloading in background and also I can't search anything in mediaget...please fix it,it is making a lot problems for meee. Omg

  • girl_disappearing

    girl_disappearing Good It works as the other torrents. I don't what all of you haven't done but mine save my files into the sd card. You just have to know how to do it. It is in settings i guess. Omg

  • 123456ugg

    123456ugg Still very buggy, but looks promising Trouble saving to SD card, pausing torrents takes a while to take effect, they take a while to resume as well. Compared to Frostwire and utorrent, connects to less peers and downloads a lot slower, even though uses the same bittorrent library...The UI is decent, good options in settings. It DOES NOT HAVE BUILT IN SEACH: it takes you to a browser (just like utorrent- it's not really in the app like with FrostWire - the only one with a trully built in search), but if you have the torrent already, it's decent Go well

  • almooney820

    almooney820 It Uploads More and Downloads Less I like this software's interface..completely neat and clean...but it's download speed is very very slow....also it Uploads More and Downloads at less speed..please address this issue.. Otherwise great software...much better than utorrent.. Amazing!

  • justin101

    justin101 Coolbeans @Media Get It's a lot better then other torrent apps i have just one problem that needs to be fix i don't see create torrent file or is that not available yet? Works great

  • localugo2009

    localugo2009 Finally Landscape But something wrong with the limiter. I cant set UL and DL no matter what value I put Marvelous

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