Memory Games: Brain Training for Android

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  • Naomi_Kade

    Naomi_Kade Annoying animals I am really sorry, probably this won't be very fair, but I can't stand those horrible animals congratulating you at the end of each level, especially the tiger! Estetics are important too! This is not an app for a toddler, unless I am mistaken:)...but to be serious:good content - looks need improving, hence only 3 stars. Brilliant

  • Jeane_ERUH

    Jeane_ERUH All games are of similer types... need to add some more mind exercises and one prblm is that it starts from first lavel each and every time.. it must be start from where we fail... Marvelous

  • pickyfruit

    pickyfruit It's OK Okay games but it its very annoying to have to start fun level one each time. Should have ability to bypass congrats panels between each level so that can just quickly start next one. eg. Tap to quickly start next one Flawless

  • Jeane_Tied

    Jeane_Tied Интересное приложение, хорошая разминка для мозга Great!

  • Naomi_Sole

    Naomi_Sole Игра полезная, но глючит, тозависнет то дает нелогичные задания, на высоких уровнях скидывает результат Enjoy it!

  • Damjeance

    Damjeance The best game for training memory. Very simple and useful games. I really liked the game. I would recommend!!! I've got to level 99!!!! Perfect!

  • Icollarfkaf

    Icollarfkaf Lovely application I love that cute little lion :3 I couldn't say no when it asked me to rate this app) 5 star

  • AbigaleChas

    AbigaleChas Excellent memory tests. Challenging but not overwhelming. Only wish for more types. Worth a go!

  • Naomi_Vami

    Naomi_Vami Memory Games Brain Training.. I great memory game for the brain ,I love it. Go on give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Well done!!

  • christyamy

    christyamy Amazing game can't stop playing I even introduced to my friends to join me. .. .thank you for creating it Just wow

  • Indiquindit

    Indiquindit Cute and difficult It looks easier than it is when you get further. Concentration is the key. Great fun for all ages! Not bad

  • SleerbbaB

    SleerbbaB Great game Games are super but its a bit slow on every level theres a screen which tells you are successful which is a bit annoying everything else its great :) Awesome

  • Wmcjwa

    Wmcjwa Good games Seams to be simple. When u start playing it grabs your attention bec that's what this games ment to be. Works great

  • crevierclassiccars

    crevierclassiccars Замечательно Хорошая игра, развивает логику и скорость. Отлично чтобы отвлечься и интересно для детей. Good