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دمج + | تجد بسهولة ودمج جهات الاتصال المكررة.

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الإصدار: 3.1
حجم: 9.9M


دمج + يساعدك بسهولة العثور على ودمج جهات الاتصال المكررة.
مع دمج +، يمكنك الانضمام إلى جهات الاتصال المكررة في الهاتف الروبوت الخاص بك وقرص مع ثلاث نقرات فقط:

1. إطلاق دمج + العثور على جهات الاتصال المكررة
2. استعراض دمج الاقتراحات وبمناسبة الذين لدمج
3. دمج جهات الاتصال المكررة التي اخترتها

★ الجديد: دعم Android Wear! ★

★ استخدام الأوامر الصوتية "بدء دمج" أو الحصول على إشعار دمج (عندما يتم تحديد التكرارات)
★ مشاهدة دمج الاقتراحات على جهاز Android Wear الخاص بك
★ حدد "دمج جميع" على جهاز Android Wear أو مراجعة كل اقتراح دمج على جهاز الروبوت الخاص بك

ملاحظة: دمج + يمكن أيضا أن تكون موجودة كميزة المتكاملة في اتصالات +. الرجاء التأكد من أن تقوم بمراجعة كل التكرارات والنسخ الاحتياطي جهات الاتصال الخاصة بك قبل تفعيل خيار الدمج.


اتصل بنا:

نحن دائما سعداء للحصول على ملاحظاتك والإجابة عن أي سؤال في: [email protected]
* عن طريق دمج + يخضع لشروط الاستخدام في هذا الرابط:

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تعليقات حول Merge +‏

  • vmwoyn

    vmwoyn Simple and fast. Did as said. Helped me to remove all the duplicate contacts created by WhatsApp in my cm 13. Highly Recommend.

  • vince_carter15_05

    vince_carter15_05 Feedback missing I started the app. It found 200+ duplicates. I tapped merge. And nothing seemed to happen. Just an ad for another app. But meanwhile it was doing the stuff. Good

  • Boodskade

    Boodskade Life saver Saved me hell of a lot of time merging my contacts. Things like this should be built into android

  • Zhangmao

    Zhangmao Abhishek This is really a wonderful app, it solved all my problem. Merged all duplicate contacts perfectly.

  • omitim

    omitim Good results, awkward interface Very effective, once I figured out how to use it. After the initial screen it goes to an ad screen for another app and sits there. I had to go to the notification bar to get to the next screen and review/enact the merge.

  • laliaTact

    laliaTact UI Sucks, but..... Almost deleted this, as it appeared to hang all day. Read comments, and decided to leave it running. Took all day, but appears to have successfully merged about 600 contacts. I think it works, but needs app info with some instruction.

  • Koos5051

    Koos5051 Love it I'm so stressful with a duplicat contact in my google account. Now this app can solve it easily.

  • jucbrandao

    jucbrandao Finally a app that works I had multiple duplicate contacts (total number of contacts was 2100). This fixed it by merging them. God bless. Will spread the word

  • kngmwigiy

    kngmwigiy Excellent I have bn using apps from play store but this merge+ is truly d best of them all. It truly truly does what it's meant to. D only truly functional app ever. Not just like some apps dat will just generate fictitious figures to claim functionality. Merge+, thumbs up for d developer. YOU ARE GOOD. Superb!

  • hakashities

    hakashities Works Fantastic My contacts got duplicated, don't know how it happened. so i downloaded this app and it cleared it all out under minutes. Great work! Well done!!

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