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Chris Burt Brown

بالملل من اللعب مباراة واحدة؟ كنت قد حاولت اللعب أربع مباريات في نفس الوقت؟

( 6,870 )
الإصدار: 2.3
حجم: 18M


بالملل من اللعب مباراة واحدة؟ كنت قد حاولت اللعب أربع مباريات في نفس الوقت؟

المصممة خصيصا لاختبار مهارة أنك لن تحتاج في واقع الحياة، MINI MIX الفوضى وأنت تلعب ألعاب صغيرة 4 في وقت واحد. عليك أن ترى أن نعتقد ذلك! (انتقل لأسفل حتى لقطات!) كل جولة قليلا من السهل جدا، ولكن الجمع بينها ويصبح الادمان والعقل منحنية ابلا من المهام، تافه غبي!

كفريق واحد مع زميله لوضع اثنين من لاعب، على طرفي نقيض من جهاز الروبوت واحدة!

إذا كان لديك قرص الروبوت لديه ما يكفي من بكسل المتاحة، وكان لديك بعض الأصدقاء حولها، والإعداد لمستشفى الأمراض النفسية التي هي MODE PARTY، حيث لا. أقل من عشرين الذروة ألعاب صغيرة سهلة للغاية الماضية متناول مجموعتك استنفدت

يتميز ألعاب صغيرة فردية مع 36 أكثر كومة على الطريق!

التمتع به!

تعليقات حول Mini Mix Mayhem‏

  • TripBuilderMedia

    TripBuilderMedia Super Fun It's a great game that is very well made and it puts you're multitasking skills to the test. It's just an over all great game. Works great

  • wq419998819

    wq419998819 9.8/10 (Kudos to Chris Burt-Brown) This game is awesome and entertaining. It's like 20 games in one package but you have to play it four of them at the same time. Few problems are about the little lag and the back button support. Please implement the back button support. And to Chris, if ever you're still alive, update this game. I will be glad to donate. Thanks. Worth a go!

  • ParkCityRentalsLLC

    ParkCityRentalsLLC Who wants to be Batman or Captain America? I can guarantee you if you are playing these games and mastering them, you are already trained to be the greatest Mastermind ever. Love this unique approach ! Must have

  • Mefzqktk

    Mefzqktk AMAZING LOCAL MULTIPLAYER FUN Its hard to find a game thats playable by 2 persons on a one device. There are a lot of games that try but fail. This is the best local 2 player game I have ever played. Not only it worked nicely but most importantly it was so much fun! I was thinking of rating it 4stars because it could use more games but I, no We(friends) had so much fun that I "Loved it". ADD MORE MINI GAMES! It deserves more Marvelous

  • Beergegashy

    Beergegashy Not just a fun and addictive game, but also it helps you to train your divided attention skill, fundamental cognitive skill to learn. Brilliant

  • 1chinatown

    1chinatown Very fun I really enjoy playing this game, even though it is very frustrating. I kind of wonder what happens at 100 minutes of survival, but playing a game for a solid hour kind of makes your fingers hurt. Muito bom!

  • Arcalsapata

    Arcalsapata Brilliant - Needs Play integration and leaderboards. Love this game; definitely get it. Would love to see Google play integration and/or leaderboards in the future to make it more competitive. Marvelous

  • carepatroceo

    carepatroceo Very fun I really enjoy playing this game, even though it is very frustrating. I want to be able to get to the 1 hour mark, but might not pass 22 minutes any time soon . 5 star

  • jrebie

    jrebie Elegantly done A new take on the micro-game genre which the WarioWare series developed. Warioware had somewhat tediously simple games which became difficult through reaction speed, this overcomes that wonderfully through the multitasking element! It is difficult and the simple games don't feel repetitive at all Amazing!

  • cruisedea

    cruisedea This is a great game The controls are good the games are fun and the only reason u can loses is ur own idiotic mistakes! It's amazing! Flawless

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