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الإصدار: 1.23
حجم: 96 MB


"المعجزات" هو الملونة المباراة 3 لعبة على أساس جميع المعروفة وأحب القصص الخيالية. الخوض في عالم من السحر والمعجزات جنبا إلى جنب مع أبطال fayritale المفضلة لديك ومساعدتهم على حل الألغاز شحذ العقل!

ملامح اللعبة:
مواقع ملونة بناء على القصص الخيالية الكلاسيكية
الآلاف من الألغاز مثيرة للاهتمام!
غامضة نوبات لمساعدة لكم في سعيكم من حل اللغز
رسومات جميلة
أبطال القصص الخيالية التي تعرفها وتحبها!
مزامنة التقدم المحرز الخاص بك مع الفيسبوك والحصول على مكافأة لذلك!
تماما خالية للعب! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
بحث متقدمنصائح البحث عن سكن إرسال تعليقات

ميزة: رسومات كبيرة العديد من المستويات الأحرف مضحك نسبة عالية من الأصوات مكافآت مختلفة


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تعليقات حول Miracle Match 3‏

  • yikviem

    yikviem Miracle match 3 Its an great game the only issue is that it will freeze up on u but will pick up fast once it try to start.also the tutorials are fast &quick so I like that.iam just starting off but if any issues occur ill write another review.that's why I haven't have 5 Enjoy it!

  • astyanax1983

    astyanax1983 Great game so far, but I'm only on level 56. Easy and difficult at the same time. Wish the lives would regenerate quicker though. Awesome

  • rpdrhfhq

    rpdrhfhq Good Game I don't like the fact that after completing a level, you can't go back to earn more stars or just play again while you wait for your lives to fill back up. Other games allow you to do this. Other than that I enjoy playing it. Superb!

  • ntwuimns

    ntwuimns So far its a great past time game but each level gets better and more interesting so I am looking forward to moving on. So far no issues to complain about. Good

  • ambienttunes2012

    ambienttunes2012 Cool Time passer when I run outta lives on my other games. Its a pretty cool game though. No complaints. The cute little purple Owl is what drew me to it in the first place. So good choice to the creators! Works great

  • JobberrDotOrg

    JobberrDotOrg Very fun and addictive love the sounds of the challenges especially the daily challenges where you can win extra stuff Not bad

  • coerseNosse

    coerseNosse Addictive and fun My mom told me about this game and I'm hooked. It's fun, addictive and I love it. 5 star

  • makaka

    makaka It will randomly freeze up and you'll have to exit and go back in to restart it, but you won't lose any lives because of it, which is nice. Perfect!

  • jaydev

    jaydev Challenging I love this game. It has the right amount of challenge in each level. It makes you want to keep playing for hours! Graphics are great! Definitely a game I would recommend. Just wow

  • faizan200459

    faizan200459 Fun match 3 fantasy game, a great little escape from whatever boring situation you may find yourself unable to get out of on any particular day. Or if you just want to have some fun on a quiet day. The effects are really good and it's a really cool game if you're like me me and enjoy fantasy themes. Works perfectly

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