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Warner Bros. International Enterprises

كما تلعب وكالة المخابرات المركزية's خيرة أو الكي جي بي's أفضل في الرجل من عمه البعثة: برلين

( 190,414 )
الإصدار: 1.2.2
حجم: 19M


كما تلعب CIA خيرة أو KGBs الأفضل في الجديدة 3D متعددة القائم على العمل لعبة مغامرة، الرجل من UNCLE - المهمة: برلين. اختيار تجسس بك واستكمال البعثات سري. مرة واحدة في مهمة كاملة، استخدام نقاط لرفع مستوى قدرات التجسس الخاص بك ثم تسجيل وحصة هذه اللعبة.

وقد تم تصميم هذه اللعبة لأجهزة السريعة. يمكن تغيير إعدادات جودة الرسومات في قائمة الإعدادات. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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ميزة: الحرب الباردة جاسوس في التاريخ قصة مثيرة للاهتمام 2 الشخصيات رسومات كبيرة


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  • Mission: Berlin APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.

تعليقات حول Mission: Berlin

  • lenabjorna

    lenabjorna Very good but.. It is a very good game. Strong story, cool graphics. But I'll suggest one minor change, that is, when we have to fire, all the fire button and camera view is in right side. I suggest that make the fire button at left side. Thus, we can fire and set our target easily and kill bad guys more comfortably. Otherwise it is very tough to kill a running man by aiming and firing only by one hand. Perfect

  • biruproperty

    biruproperty Awesome amazing but Please can whoever make dis game please change the aiming thing so DAT as you press the shoot icon it automatically aims directly on my target and please fix the steering wheel to tilt or buttons like in GTA SA please but any ways dis game is fantastic Fabulous!

  • jfaybrown2

    jfaybrown2 next update when will next update be.Its a great game. but you need to add other stuffs to. like make the car steering like gta games on android. you shod add a option so we can on / of auto target. or add a feature when we target at soldiers it will automatically go to closest soldier but wont lock. add pedestrians in cars and roads. add recruit able people or gunner with feature to show the targets. add player customization option and a way to create our own player with different cloth items.add a gmail contact Not bad

  • yanvvictor

    yanvvictor Very cool but plz Make it day and night and also at least people who are walking around not only the officers and put different missions not only the same missions repeating themselves no man plz it will be more great if you do so k. Pretty good

  • ThisMamaSays

    ThisMamaSays It crashes I'm using a custom ROM and it crashes. I like the concept so for now I'll give you 3 stars and if you can fix it then I'll recommend it to my friends . Cool

  • bbessen

    bbessen Love it but needs more improvement I love this game! But it needs more improvements like people talking in the missions, rampages, turn the sky daylight not nighttime all day. It usually kicks me out the app when I also changed the graphics, so fix that. It's kinda like "The Godfather: The Game." So guys, make new improvements and then I'll rate 5 stars and letting people get in buildings like a home, or bars or more of those things like Gangstar Vegas, all right? It's like those agents are homeless. New Improvements and I'll rate 5 stars. 5 star

  • GregSlevin

    GregSlevin Great!! Great game nice graphic but lacking some missions because they seem to be all the same and add more guns, costume, cars and the freedom of to get any car and pedestrian. You know if you guys can make a game like this why not try making a GTA v like game that would be awesome and everyone would like it Great!

  • punchi

    punchi Great Only reason I did not give this game 5 stars is because the controls can be frustrating at times. Reminds me of GTA. This would have been excellent on a console. They could have really ironed out the kinks and expanded on the city, clothes, weapons, cars and they could have had a better variety of missions. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. Pretty good

  • ensultyfienue

    ensultyfienue Pretty good graphics for a low-sized game It's similar to GTA, i think. For the first few hours of playing, i categorized this game on my 'unputdownable' list. Cool graphics, great sound effects, etc. But because the missions were repetitive and it gets boring because all i see are guards(can you add civilians?), i changed it. But thumbs up to the devs because it has a pretty big map considering it only occupies <100mb of data. This game has great potential! I expect more improvements. Omg

  • justinrbarb

    justinrbarb My level stopped at 50 I can't make my level up or can't make more score. the game has same mission round and round but no variation. Need more mission level and score. Please update hurry. Perfect!

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