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"العالم موي" هو منهاج جديد مع شعور الكلاسيكية ولكن هذه اللعبة فريدة من نوعها!

مهمتكم هي لمساعدة موي القليل استكشاف طريقه من خلال عوالم مذهلة مع مستويات التحدي وكذلك التصميم الذي بالتأكيد سوف يضع مشكلتك حل صلاحيات وقدرات التنقيب على المحك!

خلافا لغيرها من منصة الألعاب، العالم موي ويمنحك الكثير من الحرية لاستكشاف واكتشاف مستويات بطريقة فريدة من نوعها!

"العالم موي ل" كما دعونا لك تصميم الطابع الخاص بك بالطريقة التي تريدها!


- مستويات كبيرة مع الكثير من الحرية لاستكشاف واللعب كما تريد!

- تخصيص موي مع 70 000 توليفات!

- الرسوم المتحركة الموائع

- 4 عوالم مختلفة ويطرح المزيد!

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تعليقات حول Moy's World

  • avatardna

    avatardna Really addictive and fun but... I can't get past one of the levels so I have to start all over again Highly Recommend.

  • Daimoniqui

    Daimoniqui I loved it... Addictive and brilliant fun. But when you've finished all the levels me and my sister have both started doing challenges, such as all your lives or all the money, stars and no killing of the small monsters. And various cobinations of these,for all the levels. I just thought it might be good if these were 'official' challenges. Also when you have 9.726.900 in coins and have bought EVERYTHING. Coins kinda get pointless so can we have more stuff to buy and maybe more power ups to. This is Moy games king!!!!!! 5 star

  • qedzwcwlgf

    qedzwcwlgf I like it but... I can't seem to get the 3rd star in the 4th world's final level. I can't get out of the pit once I've dropped in. :(

  • azezhcxwpzv

    azezhcxwpzv Ooo stage 3 O I m on stage 3 I can't go Ahead y can't ........ but I like it .. its verrrryyyy cute game :*

  • jzogazo

    jzogazo Great game!!!!!!!! Its a great game but please add a pause or menu button at least. Rating five stars...........

  • mzdmjsgp

    mzdmjsgp Needs checkpoints I always get almost through it and then die. Game is very fun but it needs checkpoints throughout so you don't have to restart every time you die !!!¡!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!

  • trial492

    trial492 I loved it but... The people just copied the game Mario and, whenever I fail I just respawn at the very start. Could you change it so there are checkpoints and I'll rate this game 5 stars.

  • robyns

    robyns It's OK It's a good game, but I wish there was a continuous flag or things to shoot enemies in, like most world games

  • F5j9pn3w

    F5j9pn3w Excellent I am happy playing this game only that it's always stuck when moving and playing the game.

  • melbourneclubs

    melbourneclubs I'm not sure what the wing boot does, because it's not very useful like all the other ones. Though apart from that it's a really fun game!

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