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الإصدار: 8.7
حجم: 58M


أه يا، وقد فعلت سخيفة السيد فول ذلك مرة أخرى! مساعدة فول هروب السيدة النصيبة في منصبه الجديد لعبة عداء، التي عبر عنها روان أتكينسون!

الفرار MRS النصيبة - الاستيلاء على الحقيبة الخاصة بك و لا تنسى تيدي. حان الوقت لتشغيل جميع أنحاء العالم!

TRAVEL THE WORLD - زيارة الهند والمكسيك والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وأكثر من ذلك! تلعب من خلال 60 نقاط التفتيش في 6 دول مختلفة في جميع أنحاء العالم!

مشاكل والسبب - تشغيل، والقفز، وجمع الفول الذهب للمضي قدما! تسبب المتاعب لإبطاء السيدة النصيبة أسفل، أو القفز في السيارة الخاصة بك لتعزيز قدما!

البحث عن TEDDY - فقد بقول السيد تيدي في أسفاره! يمكنك العثور عليه في كل بلد واحد؟

*** أكثر من 20 مليون تنزيل! شكرا***

انها السيد فول - حول العالم، وهو السيد فول مغامرة الرسمية!


يوجه اليكم من صناع لعبة ضرب السيد فول - الطائر تيدي.

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تعليقات حول Mr Bean™ - Around the World‏

  • Nadcacterry

    Nadcacterry Great game, but not worth £1.99. This is an awesome game, but personally I don't think it is worth £2. Please make it so it's only £0.96p :) Brilliant

  • ForeclosureAttorney

    ForeclosureAttorney Mr Bean - Around the World is definitely the best Mr Bean game on the App Store! I've tried all of the others but this is the first one which is a proper arcade game with a story and I can't put it down. Rowan Atkinson actually 'voices' Mr Bean in this game and the other sound effects are brilliant. I have only made it to India so far but you can already see the different game play features as the further you get into the game. I think they should do a level where it's just Mr Bean bouncing in the clouds. So much fun! Highly recommend.

  • videofoto470

    videofoto470 Mr Bean - Around the World was a bit wary as thought it was a little pricey but wasn't disappointed! Challenging endless runner style game with bright graphics and nice animations! Found the UK quite easy but challenge ramps up in the later countries. Glad they fixed the bug with stars though as got stuck on India and couldn't go back. Thanks guys :)))

  • fencemax

    fencemax Amazing garphics and movement, action packed and fun music to fit the theme! Great voice acting too, thanks Mr Bean - Around the World! You've made a really good game and I'm really happy with my purchase. Hope you continue to grow the game in the future! Forget Super Mario! It's all about Mr Bean!! Fantastic game !

  • xwdmnbcepa

    xwdmnbcepa Haha this is amazing Love this game. Mrs wicket is very scary. I love how you can pogo and float, its great fun.

  • jojbuy001

    jojbuy001 Beanytastic!!! Fans of Mr Bean rejoice because the ultimate Bean game is here! Addictive game play that gets you bouncing around trying to escape the mean Mrs Wicket. I liked the addition of hat power ups! They add a extra dimension to runner game. One of fav features is if you close to being whacked by Wicket's rolling pin.. You can escape in Mr Bean's iconic green mini Cooper! It's a nice touch to hear Rowan Atkinson's actual voice over in the game even if it's his Bean mumbles! (≧▽≦) try this game!!!!

  • tcmsindia

    tcmsindia Addictive Fun This game is great fun to play and the music is really catchy, I can't get it out of my head.

  • pviwngtn

    pviwngtn Great game! A new spin on the endless runner with one of the greatest tv characters of all time. Really captures the fun of the show.

  • njiiomecpge

    njiiomecpge Surprisingly great Great endless runner, worth the money. Bought it because it was Bean and turned out to be quite challenging (in a good way!!), once I got the hang of it I was having a right blast! Funny too.

  • frxtqna

    frxtqna I love runner games! And now my hero Mr bean has a runner game! You have to escape the grumpy land lady mrs wicket by doing cool stuff like bouncing on pogo and flying on balloons. Its really addictive. Have fun!

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