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الإصدار: 1.0.12
حجم: 24M


كائنات سر مخفي. عليك أن تجد خمسة أشياء مخفية على أن الصور.
لتمرير كل مستوى، يجب أن تجد جميع الأشياء الخفية. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى المساعدة، واستخدام التلميح.

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تعليقات حول Mystery Hidden Objects‏

  • zaozsuhy

    zaozsuhy Excellent! Lasts a long time. And although some of the pics were dark, I simply turhed up the screen brightness. Perfect!

  • dnhfjawy

    dnhfjawy Not sure! I just play it and I still don't know what happened later! Will change the review after I played it more. Well done!!

  • TisyArrorsWAT

    TisyArrorsWAT Cassandra The hidden objects are to easy to find but I love the puzzle part. It's very challenging. Just wow

  • WoophySof

    WoophySof fun game so far having good time same pics and items over and over good for passing the time.

  • xqdgxe

    xqdgxe Rooms I like this but keeps giving me the same 4 room backgrounds or I'd rate it 5 stars Pretty good

  • ksinghuk

    ksinghuk Mystery Hidden Objects and Although my first rating of the game i awarded 5 stars to i'm now taking 2 points off because as it started out fine every time i finish a level it's taking me back to levels i already completed. Such as i was up to level 22 & when i pressed next level it took me back to level 3 !!! For some reason it keeps on doing this. Please fix this problem because it's not a bad game otherwise, but i don't want to uninstall it. Thank you !!!! Perfect!

  • andreask

    andreask Mistory hidden objects It's a great challange game if you like looking for stuff in a maze or hidden objects in a picture. Brilliant

  • lillliannm

    lillliannm Mystery hidden object Love the game, it's not like the other hidden object games you don't have TO rush. Omg

  • fuckingunspokenwords

    fuckingunspokenwords Fun game. The scenes and objects we have to find are not run of the mill, which keeps it from being boring. Enjoy it!

  • sl3epingbeautyy

    sl3epingbeautyy Aweson I just love these types of games. I play this type of game on my brother's laptop, and I was hoping that y'all would have it for a android phone. Thank you so much Just wow

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