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الإصدار: 1.5.2
حجم: 54M


Namoji برو (NO ADS):

Namoji الحرة - هو متعة مسابقة انمي، حيث لديك لتخمين أسماء الشخصيات من أنيمي المفضلة لديك!

• مئات من المستويات
• تصميم أنيق
• ملاءمة مخزن
• التفاعل الاجتماعي
• تحديثات أسبوعية
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تعليقات حول Namoji Free | Anime Quiz

  • fyndreayt

    fyndreayt Underrated!! It's actually a great app overall but it's being underrated by people -edit- Please add an offline playing mode Awesome

  • Stoofefef

    Stoofefef Lack of male character and too much repeated caharcter Add more male characters and add more main characters not just supporting chara. and repeated character ; Lisara pack 3, 17 & pack 6, 11. Kaori pack 4, 4 & pack 7, 5. Kouko pack 4, 15 & pack 5, 12. Mashiro pack 3, 2 & pack 9, 17. Erika pack 3, 8 & pack 8, 5 Pretty good

  • janwer029

    janwer029 OK but I had problems with it For some reason it didn't shoe the characters, besides that it worked completely fine Go well

  • smike20

    smike20 I've found a mistake. Character's name in the third level under the number 12 is "Kaburagi", not "Kabugari". Correct it, please. /sorry for my English/ Great job

  • Gainsofast

    Gainsofast Cool app I loved it , but it would be even more awesome if we get the clear image of the charcter when naming them correctly

  • skaye05

    skaye05 Best Game Ever!!!! I most definitely enjoyed this game. It is a very fun and addicting game. Unfortunately, i have beaten it already...but i had fun doing so

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