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نرم افزاري براي شنيدن آخرين مقالات جغرافيا تصور كنيد اطلاعات جغرافيايي خود را در حال استراحت ، آشپزي يا ورزش كردن مي شنويد با اين برنامه شما مي توانيد به آخرين سر خط خبرهاي جغرافيايي از سراسر جهان گوش بدهيد . مقالات و داستانهاي جغرافيا به اين راحتي تا كنون در اختيار شما نبوده است . با قابليت انتخاب حالت مونو يا استريو در شنيدن اخبار از طريق بلندگوي بلوتوث تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
الجغرافية, الوطنية

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  • carpe_diem_hipster

    carpe_diem_hipster Extremely useful App. Well done!! Great App. It allows me to listen to articles from my favorite website (National Geographic) while commuting to work. Simply changed my commute experience. I can now listen to what I want instead of the usual stuff on the radio. Highly recommended for National Geographic lovers.

  • bookkeepingtoindia

    bookkeepingtoindia The app is perfect!! Awesome app to listen to national news. Disregard the bad reviews here. The App developers wrote in the description that an upgrade is needed after the installation! People should read before installing! The reviews here are misleading.

  • bhoolu

    bhoolu fraud! this app is a fraud. you can't use it. it will you refer to another app to instal with much more rights.

  • Feasovieceise

    Feasovieceise Splendid. One of the best Apps I have! One of the most useful apps in my phone. does what it says - read out loud any article from any website. seems like amazing tech. Please note they now call it Web2go. Recommend to get National Geographic Reader APK.

  • moneyworldowner

    moneyworldowner Best App EVER. LOVE !! amazing amazing amazing. Such a handy app. I am a national freak - and I love listen to their articles. get get get it. Yeah... now called Web2go and adds many more websites! sweet!. Recommend to take National Geographic Reader APK.

  • mayurd

    mayurd Unique App! this is love! A MUST!! Love being able to listen to so many article of National on my way! I use the PREMIUM version and enjoy it daily. Very simple controls and great way to catch the the updates.

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