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الدوري الاميركي للمحترفين 2K16 هو الذي طال انتظاره الإصدار من أفضل لعبة محاكاة لكرة السلة الذي لا يحتاج إلى مقدمة. اللعبة هو لقيادة فريقك المفضل تجربة معها فرحة النصر ومرارة الهزيمة. رسومات مذهلة والموسيقى التصويرية من قبل الأسطوري دي جي والمنتجين. و وضع MyCareer شعبية. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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ميزة: رسومات كبيرة 3 لعبة وسائط ضوابط جيدة موسيقى رائعة العديد من فرق المتاحة


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تعليقات حول NBA 2K16

  • digionimendel

    digionimendel Controller Compatible I love to use my controller on games but with this game it is complicated. First of all you have barely any control of the main menu let alone the game. I got to play a little and A ended up being to shoot and X to pass. After about a minute it stopped working. Please fix this so I can have an optimal 2K16 Performance Go well

  • Agatha_Rei

    Agatha_Rei I like it but it's missing one thing This is a good game I enjoy playing it and everything but I feel if I have to pay 7 dollars for it why would you take out something that's important and I'm talking bout the mins in my careerr make it to where you can set your mins and I will give this game a 5 Stars that's all thank you Great job

  • Golianilm

    Golianilm Needs improvements A few things missing in the game like announcers, players missing on the bench, teams missing in quick play, and no in game arena sounds ( shot clock sound, buzzers, and referee whistles and it's not a compatibility issue because I have the Galaxy Note 5. I know the game just came out but I'm just pointing out fix needs and I will definitely rate 5 stars when it runs perfectly because this is one of my favorite games. Not bad

  • timelimes

    timelimes Crashing on the Nexus 6P. I can't even try it. I'm going to assume that its not yet been tested on Android 6.0 Edit: works fine now. Game is fun and has loads of content. My only gripe would be the speed - it can be sluggish even with graphics toned down on a very high ended phone. Recommend

  • myla_scotto28

    myla_scotto28 Needs fixes Lacks sound and commentary. Can't sign free agents when managing rosters. Lacks controller support for MyCareer. Had a much better experience playing this on my iPhone 6 Plus. I love this phone and I love Android, so I hope you guys put out a better quality product for 2k17. Awesome

  • eddy000

    eddy000 Please make 2K16 available for my phone: Xperia M5. I bought this game from an older Chinese phone and it worked ok. Now that I've upgraded to Xperia, I was surprised that my new phone is not supported. I'm pretty confident that the specs can handle this game very well. Make it happen 2K! Thanks! Flawless

  • selbyink

    selbyink Not bad but could be so much better. SOME gamepad support (unlike wwe2k) but its kind of buggy and no ui interaction, which is annoying. Graphics and gameplay are top notch some of the best I've seen on playstore. Odd bugs like the hornets being called the bobcats by the announce team, hawks uniform still having rw&blue in it, etc. Hopefully they can patch these gripes and bring us an amazing Mobile gaming experience! Omg

  • Neurgeusersit

    Neurgeusersit Really fun I love the fun of this game! I don't even follow basketball that much, but I got this game because it looked cool and fun. One issue I have with it though is the crowd doesn't show up for me. I don't know if it happens with anyone else or if it just hasn't loaded yet or what. Also I don't like to play with the audio on because it's terrible. Other than that I love it! I wish you could make NHL 2K as good with the graphics and features because I'm a big hockey fan! Worth a go!

  • britt_verbeek_5

    britt_verbeek_5 NBA 2K 2Bomb Really a 3.4 rating is not deserved... it's a great game and I've been playing it non-stop since getting the game. Great controls , great graphics with one exception the fans having triangular faces haha... but it's OK I have no complaints. Wishing it would be available in more countries for more NBA fans Great!

  • lindsy_2

    lindsy_2 Hey Great update. Including the roster and the shoes. I hope you guys won't get tired of updating this game. And I hope more shoes please? Great game for a mobile app. I won't compare this with ps4 or pc. This is the "To-Go" nba app. I play with this when I am bored or traveling or even in my rest days. Great app 2k I just hope for more updates esp. On shoes. :D Cool

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