Ninja Dashing للحصول على الروبوت

تحميل Ninja Dashing للحصول على الروبوت


النينجا محطما هي لعبة بسيطة ولكنها متعة فائقة لعبة الإدمان!

( 26,403 )
الإصدار: 1.2.1
حجم: 10M


باعتبارها النينجا ممتازة، تحتاج إلى الوجه الأيمن والأيسر من خلال الحصول على الحواجز المختلفة، وتجنب القطع، وكذلك لقتل الأعداء. فوق يركض هو السبيل الوحيد للحفاظ على حياتك، مجرد الانتظار ثانية، والسهام التي تبقي وراء سوف تجعلك تسقط. هيا، دعونا نبدأ رحلة رائعة من النينجا.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ كيف تلعب ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
- انقر على الشاشة لقلب النينجا اليسار واليمين من خلال الحصول على الحواجز المختلفة، وتجنب القطع، وكذلك لقتل الأعداء؛
- لا تطير من الشاشة؛
- سوف احذر من إبقاء الدرس بعد؛

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ميزات ذو أهمية خاصة ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
- بسيطة ولكن سوبر متعة والادمان؛
- أربعة عوالم مختلفة مع العديد من المستويات للاهتمام والتحدي؛
- الرسومات مشرقة ونابضة بالحياة والآثار؛
- سوف عوالم أكثر جمالا ومستويات قريبا. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
احذر, حاجز, النينجا, dars, محطما, القفز وتشغيل, ألعاب المغامرة, ألعاب سباقات, إرم الألعاب, الممرات الكلاسيكية, الفضاء والأجانب, , النينجا محطما اللعبة, النينجا ألعاب تحميل مجاني

محرر استعراض: If You Want to Live, You Must Run Up Ninja Dashing is a Parkour Game which is designed with Ninja Theme. The cute Ninja is trying to get final destination, he needs your help. Let’s begin the fantastic journey of Ninja.

The operation is not difficult, while the process is not quite easy. As an excellent Ninja, you need to flip left and right to get through different barriers, avoid blocks, as well as to kill the enemies by one-tapping screen. When you are stuck and can’t move up, there will be darts keep behind you and make you fall down.

On the left of screen, there are some protective covers and click to launch to protect from enemies. Top right is the chance to continue game after you fall down. Both of them can be bought from the shop, while they need many coins which you can collect during the game. The game designed with a 2D cartoon style is bright and vibrant. With special Japanese style music, is suitable for the Ninja theme.

Overall, the game is quite easy and with 4 worlds, more than 30 levels, you may think that it’s not enough. But you will be easily attracted and desire to challenge.


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تعليقات حول Ninja Dashing

  • lovetodo

    lovetodo Great game, needs update with new levels, I've deleted and downloaded this game three times so that I could reset the levels Awesome

  • Eqyjgfeg

    Eqyjgfeg Happy new one more about this email address so I have a few months of a lot and then you can Omg

  • Lachmapab

    Lachmapab Really cool idea but the movement is extremely unresponsive and cluncky, making certain parts of the game exceptionally hard! Muito bom!

  • TenicetteeveP

    TenicetteeveP Every time i about to beat a level and i press the screen to jump it doesnt let me jump and then i die and have to start all over. Its bull that they said they fix the bugs in it cuz there still there. Other than that its an alright game it would be better if the bugs they said was fixed was actually fixed. Superb!

  • yokozuna

    yokozuna Keeps it simple This game takes the simplest possible concept and nails it. I just wish it had more integration with Google Play Games.

  • qrmyvejc

    qrmyvejc Ninja Dashing Fantastic game i dont know why the other people make such silly silly games i pretend to only play this game. Its the best. But plez extend the levels. They are very less and i can complete them in one day. So plez. :) :):)

  • tiuibdhng

    tiuibdhng Awesome!!!!! Its awesome it gets u excite and adrenaline rising its dope

  • Sarabear

    Sarabear The best game ever! Ninja Dashing My children Andrew and Nathan love this game it's more than love this game is awesome! Thank you everyone download it for free! Just wow

  • cambomee

    cambomee Awesoomee♥♥♥ I like this game very much because level are so very good thanks this app very much♥ Fantastic

  • jassi_leo

    jassi_leo Love it I once played this game and win all the level,then I uninstall it,I try to fine another game to play hahaha but I can't.I installed this game again and I play it again and again....I'm addicted with this game Perfect!

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