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المفكرة - محرر النص التطبيق للتعامل مع الملفات النصية ويعمل مثل إدارة الملفات.

( 11,407 )
الإصدار: 11.5
حجم: 8.6M


المفكرة - محرر النص هو التطبيق بسيطة لفتح، تحرير، حذف، إعادة تسمية وحفظ الملفات النصية من وإلى بطاقة SD.

- إنشاء ملف نصي جديد ومجلد في التطبيق
- حفظ ملفات نصية معتمدة لأية مجلدات في نظام الملفات
- توفير وضع التحرير لإجراء أي تصحيح أو تعديل في الملف.
- إعادة تسمية الملف
- قص، نسخ أو لصق المحتوى الذي عملت مثل المفكرة
- حذف الملفات والمجلدات غير المرغوب فيها
- صيغ الملفات المدعومة مثل .TXT، أتش تي أم أل، فب أو .xml والمغلق
- إرسال البريد الإلكتروني مع الملف المرفق
- فتح ملف مرفق البريد الإلكتروني بسهولة في التطبيق
- يتم تحميله مجانا

- العمل مثل المفكرة
- محرر نص بسيط
- إدارة الملفات متقدمة هوية

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تعليقات حول المفكرة - محرر النص

  • hhdhfivso

    hhdhfivso What's wrong with people? As I had read other people's rate review, why so many negative comments about the app since I find NOTHING wrong with it? Man, these people have no respect at all since they using it for free. Instead of coming and complain about the app, why don't they use other apps. As for me, I do like the app and it's very useful for me. Mistake can be found at some point which is totally fine. Why do people have to be SOOO rude? love it

  • tppbtxg

    tppbtxg It's a decent app, few suggestions This app is great, a lot of the notes apps couldn't open the .txt I exported to my memory but this one did. It allows you to create folders and access all folders too. A problem I have is that it doesn't autosave and I have to do it manually with no AutoRecover. Also when I leave the app, the entire app has to restart leaving unsaved work behind. Great app though, it just needs to be fixed in some areas. Well done!!

  • jesgru06

    jesgru06 Useless What moron makes an app that doesnt allow changes to be saved. I hope you didnt waste money on university degrees to make this worthless app. Get a real job pal. Perfect!

  • imxkmooebl

    imxkmooebl Works great My only complaint is that it's a fairly large file, and I have only 1GB of memory.

  • fbfansfast


  • Rajatpandey

    Rajatpandey Can't open txt files Txt files open up as blank documents in the latest version. App is useless if it can't open txt files. Fix for previous rating.

  • seslovlolub

    seslovlolub Works good Nice simple app, I'm just wondering though, what does the sound button do? I click on it and nothing happens.

  • sissywarrent

    sissywarrent Notepad I find it intuitive. Saves updated files on external card, but only if those files are opened from File Explorer. This Editor does not see the external SD, so no way to create a file on external SD.

  • zywkmooeoa

    zywkmooeoa Perfect text file editor This app is perfect for everything you use Notepad in Windows for: email-to-file text transfers, format-wiping, etc.

  • sayerscoaching

    sayerscoaching Print("I am a happy Programmer") I am very happy, this works great with my programs (not for coding but for text files that store data). Also if anyone wants to change the file name, you could connect your device to your computer (via charger cable) then simply change the file name from there. Or just download another app.

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