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التل الطرق الوعرة سباق #1 الفيزياء مقرها 3D القيادة على الطرق الوعرة.

( 32,605 )
الإصدار: 1.0.7
حجم: 16M


هذه هي! وعلى الطرق الوعرة فعلت هذا الحق! دفع معظم السيارات في الطرق الوعرة ينفث النار في هذا التل تسلق الجنون مليئة الأدرينالين الآن!

تحطم الحواجز ويطير فوق هوة سحيقة مع خارج roaders، الوحش الشاحنات، الشركات العملاقة القمامة وسيارات السباق F1! أكثر من 60 المستويات مع حالات القيادة المختلفة في انتظاركم. بدء تشغيل المحرك، تشعر السلطة من الشاحنات MMX ضخمة والحصول على رخصة القيادة الخاصة بك الآن!

لعبة الميزات:
- السلس واقعية التعامل مع السيارة
- أكثر من 60 مستويات التحدي
- صور 3D كبيرة وصوت توربو
- تملك وتخصيص وترقية المركبات بما في ذلك كلاسيكيات الأمريكية والأوروبية تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Offroad Hill Racing

  • tdmgups

    tdmgups Off-road hill racing Graphics are OK for a basic truck driving game but ive certainly played worse and def a whole lot better Recommend

  • qdfrymf

    qdfrymf Dad Love the game but may I suggest a little bit. Make it easier to up grade and earn coins and money then you will have a 5 star game. But still way cool anyways Must have

  • anthony4biz

    anthony4biz The Best Game Ever I Love this game. The vehicles are sweet and the speeds are so high. Also , the courses are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-) Good

  • clasicalia

    clasicalia Fun But...... I fine the levels a little to hard to pass. Takes fun out of the game when I am only on the second stage (first stage 16 tracks) I am on track 4 and have been there for awhile now. I have try this level for (seems like) 1000 times. I hate to say, although it is a good game it is no longer fun for me. I am going to uninstall. Fantastic

  • ludwigconstruction

    ludwigconstruction Great game Game really keeps me interested unlike other hill climb apps I have no problems best hill climb game ever do not change anything Highly Recommend.

  • iepajnljces

    iepajnljces Nice graphics Just started playing. So far it seems to be pretty easy to control the vehicle, somewhat. Worth a try if you like this type of game. Marvelous

  • Nidoeldesse

    Nidoeldesse Tittys & beer Very nice and Lil bit of the hill climb racing games and I was just waiting for the next game Perfect

  • IndiaConsultings

    IndiaConsultings Good game I was ok until I had to ship the goods. There is no way those watermelons are gonna stay in that truck. If anyones managed to do it, let me know! And too many ads. Still ok for a free game though. Great!

  • courtneyneal37

    courtneyneal37 Just got started playin So far so go. Suspension needs alil more movement on the compression side other than keep up the good work Highly Recommend.

  • MsVictoria2

    MsVictoria2 ETIBOI Some levels are still pretty hard to complete, currently polar stage 4. Who knows what more levels are out there. wow lol

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