Open Puzzle Box for Android

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  • ArmandNeal1128

    ArmandNeal1128 Needs to be ironed out But the game has potential. Had real difficulty manipulating the multi-touch so things like that need fixing. Enjoy it!

  • xxfhfzdlqrq

    xxfhfzdlqrq Brill Fab game. Only disappointing thing was i got to level 60 pretty fast. Gutted there is not am update yet. Marvelous

  • glqyugeq

    glqyugeq Very enjoyable Alot of people are complaining on the difficulty , but I enjoy that . Makes finishing the stage much more satisfying. Also its a very well made game...can't wait for the update as I have finsihed all 60 levels in 3 days :s Pretty good

  • ezcikb

    ezcikb Decent game but won't stop badgering me The puzzles aren't bad, and I do enjoy the gameplay itself, but holy crap does is it annoying to try to play. I know you need ads and a rating, but calm down. There's an ad at the bottom of the screen that's bright and distracting. Every couple boxes you solve pops up a loud, full screen ad. Some of the ones that don't instead pop up begging you to rate the game. Need a hint? 30 second ad. I'm here because the game begged me to rate it for the second time in 3 minutes. Well here you go. 3 stars. Enjoy. love it

  • meenakshiasingh

    meenakshiasingh Enjoyable escape Great logic puzzles, although some are a little obscure. I've only had to use a few hints when I've been really stuck, generally I can get there on my own. Keep them coming!

  • quiksilversurfaus

    quiksilversurfaus It's ok The app itself is fun and challenging. Way too many ads though. There is one after almost every puzzle and when you use a hint. Even popped up a 30 sec video that I was forced to watch before I could continue

  • coastal

    coastal ITS AMAZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so fun it might be a littel tough but you will figure it out cause its amazing you must download it right now or you will miss out on all the fun!!!!!!!!!! trust me!!!!!!!!! download it now!!!!!!!!!

  • localwms

    localwms I enjoy it. But some are too difficult. The proper puzzles are great. They force you to think outside the box, to solve the box. :P The main problem I'm having is that a few of them are too hard to complete without help. Some don't even give clues. It just expects you to guess. The whole point of the game is to give you a clue for you to solve the whole puzzle. It's supposed to be challenging, not impossible.

  • mpuadreroj

    mpuadreroj Half hours It a fun game that doesn't feel stale and the puzzles are cryptic enough to solve and not in possible or arbitrary. The ads are a little much though.

  • teamgreenlawn

    teamgreenlawn Addicted This game is therapeutic for me. I'm so busy trying to figure out the solution; I escape from other things.

  • qnkkmooepo

    qnkkmooepo So far so good Just started playing, I was a little surprised by the concept at first, i was expecting other things inside, but it did catch my attention. :)

  • kuziydycff

    kuziydycff Challenging and worth it The puzzles here are hard enough that it takes a bit of thinking and perhaps trial and error, but not so hard that it becomes frustrating. Lots of fun, challenging levels well worth a download. Looking forward to more!

  • Rennyialinkyi

    Rennyialinkyi Perfect amount of difficulty The game starts out with fairly easy puzzles and the difficulty increases at the perfect rate. The hints are pretty cryptic but if you stick with it you can figure out what they mean. Fun stuff!

  • sightlinepay

    sightlinepay Nice time killer I really like this game, though some locks were a bit tricky. Overall a good one except for the achievements. Why is that some of the achievements aren't unlocked yet. Like replay & gem. I know I did replay a few levels just because I liked it and I also have 80gems. So can u check this pls.. 4star until it's fixed. Update: Other than the above issue, even the final achievement is locked though I've completed the game. Pls fix it and add more puzzles.

  • amndella

    amndella I have2 PAY 4 INSTRUCTIONS? If u are a seasoned puzzler than u WILL find this game redundant, I imagine. My core issue: I'm not. There is ZERO guidance @ the start of ea puzzle box. Its ABSURD & a setup for failure. I myself, DO NOT use hints or power-ups EVER. That said, this "hint" system is laughable. The 1st of 2 allowable "hints" (Oh! Instructions?)(Cost: 2 jewels) is [email protected] best! The 2nd hint? Ludicrous! Cost: OUTRAGEOUS (or)wait time? Don't ask! Only to be given, THE whole SOLUTION! WHEN DOES THE PUZZLE "SOLVING" HAPPEN!?

  • cxekmooeyr

    cxekmooeyr Fun Puzzles, but Achievement Bugs. Great game. I can't wait for more levels. My only complaints are that the achievement for clearing 60 levels doesn't activate, and neither does the own 20 gems achievement. I haven't saved 50 gems, so it's possible that achievement doesn't work either; however, I'm unable to verify that. Fix my achievements, and I'll rate 5 stars.

  • ziggy61

    ziggy61 Glitch I'm actually stuck on level 26, where you pull the colorful tabs according to how many colors there are (sorry, spoiler). I did it all correct and it still hasn't done anything, I even looked to the clues and verified that what I was doing was correct. Besides that it's really fun and some of the puzzles got me thinking. Well made, very logical, it's definitely one of those, "OMFG it was right in front of my face, I'm such an imbecile" kind of puzzle games. Very well done.

  • pmaxwell

    pmaxwell Great game Gives hints so if you get stuck you aren't trapped but doesn't give them right away. It's a super fun game I think the perfect puzzle box game!

  • yrbpugmirjf

    yrbpugmirjf Addicting Great puzzle game that makes you think a little more than normal to move on to the next level! If you liked playing 100 floors, youll love this one. Go well

  • joneswilliams214

    joneswilliams214 Entertaining!!!! I love this game. Its not like any other puzzle game. You get to have hints but they take time which is actually helpful. It would be stupid if the answer is right there. Then the whole thing would be boring. I actually have to hide my phone so my brother doesnt try to play it.