Overlays: Floating Apps Multitasking‏ for Android

Lior Iluz
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  • Dkphoto018

    Dkphoto018 Android magic!! This app can turn ANY widget into a floating app. It's magical! I was specifically looking for a counter app with floating functionality. Not one app I searched for offered that. With this app I simply downloaded a counter off the play store, installed this app, and I now have what I was looking for! An awesome utility! Already downloaded pro for added functionality! Surprisingly

  • chooseaupair

    chooseaupair Using together with `Swipe Home Button`, I can get my widgets at any time better / more customizable than `Edge Screen`. Flawless

  • trivium_pr

    trivium_pr I've created an application profile but sometimes the overlays don't come on. Or if they're on and I quit the app, they stay on. Or just randomly throughout the daily use, the overlays just turn on very randomly even though the application hasn't been started since theast reboot... One more thing, why make an application blacklist filter only when making a whitelist filter is just as important? Superb!

  • julimistha

    julimistha Hmmph, hmmph. (Nod) Very cool app, One I have come to love. I will be buying the pro version soon. One thing I do not like... Events... What is the event? Can I skip setting an event and just set up an overlay profile? I find I have to change the event, The profile, and sometimes other stuff to customize a overlay. I just want to be able to create an overlay... Choose the widgets, apps, and stuff... and save. The events should be optional. Great app tho, Will buy very soon. (Waiting on google play rewards) xD Omg

  • james10ha

    james10ha Is there any way to change the Z Order of an overlay? For example, I want to create a Dummy Overlay to block out the background and then place 2 shortcut overlays on top of the dummy overlay. However, whenever I do this, the Dummy Overlay is always on top and covers up the icons of the shortcut overlays. Update: I found a way to do it by creating two separate profiles. Would still be nice to do it within one profile, though. Marvelous

  • BrainReed01

    BrainReed01 What about text on dummy? Eg. Dummy on all screen with text: I'm charging, stop bothering me you nolife! wow lol

  • zqbhgcw

    zqbhgcw I use this all the time, particularly for the one-touch access to my media apps, and also to have my dictionaries and camera apps han-DEE. Developer responds quickly and helpfully. (Changing the floating 'android' icon is easy.) Definitely recommend. Great!

  • paul10jurk

    paul10jurk Why does this app try to continuously connect to the internet in both foreground and background operation ? Great job

  • amandasodunxy

    amandasodunxy Great !! I love this app. I use it with tasker..makes it even more powerful. Easily goes from custom configurations to another. Well done!!

  • agriimplements766

    agriimplements766 Me likey. Really cool app. Genius idea to allow transparent layered widgets. Especially how you can toggle them on and off with one click of the shortcut. This is basically multi tasking for any app when you think about it. Also to make it fluid and responsive is impressive. 5* A+ etc. Omg

  • briankarr

    briankarr Custom widget groups for non-rooted phones I used Overlays to create a custom Overlays dialog of multiple widgets, triggerable as shortcut and dismissable by clicking the buttons in the widgets, clicking the outside space using an Overlays dummy or pressing the Back key which, monitored by AutoInput, triggers Tasker to dismiss the Overlays dialog through the included Tasker plugin. Works pretty well, including z-ordering.

  • inciongwka

    inciongwka Confused I love the app but I don't really know how to trigger the overlay sometimes it just shows up if I get luck please help

  • mohammedwynn24

    mohammedwynn24 Different Widget in Overlays. The Google Play Music Widget seems to be missing the Thumb Up / Thumb Down icon that's there when I use the widget on the home screen. Which is the main reason I wanted to use Overlays. Any possible fix or workaround?

  • buylingerie

    buylingerie Where's your competition In a class all by itself and as handy a tool as one can get. Programmable pop ups. Again I would like to see a Tasker plugin for it to increase it's programmability to if this then run overlay that.

  • webs4travel

    webs4travel Excellent! I love this user friendly programmer, easy to use, very clear cut. 2 suggestions: add a start function for when the home button is pressed and the second is to add a feature to stop an overlay profile when entering a chosen program. I highly recommend this program for a nice custom functionality and look and definitely worth the money!

  • Williamiszwn

    Williamiszwn ((Great App)) Feature I would like to see to drag/move all widgets at the same time if they are snaped together.

  • drwattselectric

    drwattselectric Bugs? "Required memory is too high for overlays please retry or contact us." Is what it says

  • jarvispena25

    jarvispena25 No background photo I've tried to figure it out maybe I'm just missing it but my only gripe is that when setting up app specific overlays we can't set a picture up to set it up to. Basically setting up things blindly and going and adjusting as necessary. Otherwise app is great.

  • xjperhapsej

    xjperhapsej Love it but confused The tutorial shows the profiles with icons attached to the profile instead of the android icon but I can't find a way to do this. It also mentions an overlay widget but I can't find it in my widgets.

  • billmarshall49

    billmarshall49 Great app! Really digging the app but curious how to control layers. I want a simple background with a shortcut. The shortcut icon keeps going behind the background.