Papa Pear Saga‏ for Android

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  • wood854

    wood854 More levels pls Love this game but like everyone else I keep hitting the last level and have to wait ages - also no opportunities to earn power ups or gold would love a free daily spin or something similar to get them - come on guys start responding before you lose your players !! Just wow

  • hownot

    hownot Love Addiicting. Challenging time killer. Not enough free gold. Game should give more gold for beating really hard levels. Don't pay for it. Rip off. When ya'll update it gets all screwed up Go well

  • jennibald84

    jennibald84 Great past time. Level 570 for months, I guess your done making levels and I have to uninstall! Enjoy it!

  • rdckmooehh

    rdckmooehh Great game Some levels just seem impossible but I am up for the challenge. Moving on up and still enjoying this game. Still loving the Challenge, how many times I have to rate lol. Definite game interruption....Finished 570 levels when will there be an update? Brilliant

  • riskdiskuk

    riskdiskuk Papa Pears, a bouncing adventure Just finished level 568 Lots of fun. Numerous "quirks" and "gifts" make each challenge interesting--and sometimes frustrating--enough to keep me coming back for more. Recommend

  • jezena

    jezena Great game Im addicted but there's only 570 levels and i cant go no further ive been waiting for a while now when will the new levels be open please Flawless

  • sneuhardt

    sneuhardt Great...Love it...But... This game is the absolute best. I am addicted :) but... I wish we were able to receive more than just 5 lives. It would be cool to be able to get free prizes once in a while. Like an option to send others more than just a life. And I think it's unfair we have to pay for gold. Maybe that should be a prize for getting 3 stars on a level or something? That's just my opinion... Works great

  • asicstigervz

    asicstigervz Best game ever! I can't get a enough of it, its so amazing. Great game to play when bored, feeling down or just need to keep your mind busy Not bad

  • Etemomymn

    Etemomymn Papa Pear I LOVE THIS GAME!! Have been finished Level 570 since November 2015.....PUHLEEEEZE give us more Papa-Games!!!!??? Go well

  • Bakeryshop

    Bakeryshop I love papa pear so much I complete each Level as soon as they appear. So whats taking so long for new ones come on please hurry up.. Amazing!

  • gamerzpl

    gamerzpl Papa Pear Saga Love this game, an excellent way to relax and chill out. Some levels harder than others. Some levels seem impossible at first but don't give up. Are any more levels planned to be added? I only have 2 levels to go then I'm finished. Works perfectly

  • gdizbmcqv

    gdizbmcqv Great game More levels please........! What's taking so long? Hey so I'm done w level 570, when are the new levels coming? Such a great game! Hurry up already! Worth it!

  • mi_limite

    mi_limite New levels needed I have gotten pass level 570 and has been waiting for the coming soon levels...Great game I just need more levels Superb!

  • BerryrotSem

    BerryrotSem Love this game. it is very challenging and fun. The only thing that I have a problem with is having to wait for someone to help you unlock the next episode because it can take days or longer for someone to help you. You all should have it like farm heroes and diamond digger,24 hours. Great job

  • hertapaula

    hertapaula Wish this would get fixed Level 570 is impossible to beat please fix also please make it possible to earn gold or power ups. Marvelous

  • kathyweretka59

    kathyweretka59 Holy crap, this is not a bad game, but it is getting very boring I've been playing this game for a few years and you never have any bonus rounds or give any extra, there are no incentives at all, I'm on level 385 and I can't believe how long it's taking me to get there. Please show a little more incentive in this game and I may keep playing. Thank you. Pretty good

  • vilhelminaj

    vilhelminaj level 1108 on candy crush, 1006 pet rescue, farm heroes saga it just me papa pear on facebook still saying coming soon but on my tablet the level is open ? 570 geesh I'm waiting for 586 won't delete the game guess im gonna have to wait till 2017 ..please add more then 15 levels it's ridiculous ...I read a few comments someone said stop whining and complaining gimme a break when your waiting for months on end to put some new levels. .been playing for 3 yrs if king don't add levels i delete the game the person who said we are whiners just wait till you get to 570 ..then whose gonna be whining. .peace out Must have

  • seelifeintechnicolor

    seelifeintechnicolor What a shame I love that little Pwhy cant i advance i get 12 fire balls then cant us them ive played the same one at lese 50 times come on get real now you have blocked me and I can't play this game anymore it's a shame it's just a shame I have played this game for three years now it won't even let me advance until lock it please Superb!

  • ignisusiawL

    ignisusiawL When are we gonna get new worlds ive been waiting. You have been out as long as candi crush. I enjoy playing but cant cause no new worlds have opened. What you didntvthink anyone would get this far. Fantastic

  • Liaissecy

    Liaissecy Disappointed New levels taking too long. It's been nearly 2 months since new levels added and I'm bored of waiting!! Would be 5 stars... Cool