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  • motortrades123

    motortrades123 Needs Improvement Please see my email dated 16.may.2016. I use Htc Desire600, dual sim, v4.1.2, Sense 5 android mobile. Flawless

  • 5richguide

    5richguide its really nice... kindly upgrade it so that i can add some more text in a paragraph Recommend

  • Algotte

    Algotte Quite decent and I find it handy though there are irritating lapses that needs addressing. Fabulous!

  • clarkadam

    clarkadam Sefolo Kgothatso Its gud.i use to struggle through out the year but not am satisfied thnx pdf Works great

  • serveucash

    serveucash Beautiful Impress with the sending and receiving of PDF docs. Open video, images, audio etc. Keep uo guts. Just the best Highly Recommend.

  • kellymarlen11

    kellymarlen11 it realy hlpd meee......while reading any pdf doc I can underline or highlight the main points....realy gooooood.. Perfect!

  • tmfxebeauq

    tmfxebeauq Still the Best Ok the best so far, though could lag on rare occasions, but usually lightning fast and smooth, keep up the good work Great!

  • truintentions

    truintentions Some PDF files won't open Its OK but I have had issues were pdf files couldn't be opened. Also there is a bug that causes files to display wrong titles or wrong cover cover images. Pls fix these things. Perfect

  • dballoonimprint1

    dballoonimprint1 Mohammad sobhy إمكانيات ممتازة جدا، يعطيك سعة تخزين مجانية . Cool

  • fadiamalik

    fadiamalik Used to be good Now the adds are irritating, takes too much time to save an edit, often closes the document being read when the app is put in the background. Superb!

  • ComprarViagra

    ComprarViagra Annoying ads! Doesn't have box cloud access! :( :( Also, heavy app size, ridiculous! Most importantly though, FULL OF ADS!!! :(((( NO POSSIBILITY TO ELIMINATE ADS? HOW RIDICULOUS Must have

  • PRProfessional

    PRProfessional Immaculate Conception This app has every Desire in mind and it executes functions very rapidly & in such an eloquent manner. This is a programming Masterpiece and kudos to the Devs that listened to it's user-base requests by including such highly sought after..wonderfully immersive..feature-rich sets. Now 'THIS' is Android Architecture, Baby! Not bad

  • wahanacahaya

    wahanacahaya S. K It's cool but looking for something more and also want to be able to modify and save to other formats. It's a nice package though Awesome

  • BrabBeacesk

    BrabBeacesk 2 days with it it's perfect for my internal study guides ...let them print out with Money I'll just use my phone Well done!!

  • NalinDhupia24

    NalinDhupia24 Only one demand Can u please add read out loud option for pdf files so that i can rest my eyes sometimes ?¿ or if u have any plugin for this then please reply Recommend

  • ss_chaprana

    ss_chaprana Got Slow App was excellent but new version/ update has got slow and hangs up/ crashes frequently wow lol

  • dqlihs

    dqlihs Adobe Won't ! PDF Will ! Been having issues with Adobe on my phone found this works much better. Adobe Won't auto load my documents. So this gets the thumbs up^ Perfect!

  • bluzog

    bluzog Ooopsss No description about the app.. Not able to select the text for editing and nothing happens in reflow... Brilliant

  • clearmyslate

    clearmyslate Quality PDF file opener its easy to use... it opens all files and you can browser through pages very fast... i love it Great job

  • chris0422

    chris0422 Nearly perfect So many of the popular PDF readers are missing basic features, such as the ability to take notes or continuous scrolling. This is probably the 10th app I tried but I'm glad I made it this far. This has everything I need.