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PEPI الدراجة 3D هي لعبة مجانية مع الكثير من التحدي !!!

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الإصدار: 52
حجم: 22 MB


تسريع، والقفز فوق العديد من المباني والعقبات بأسرع ما يمكن!
PEPI الدراجة 3D هي لعبة مجانية مع الكثير من التحدي واللاعبين والمستويات لفتح!

انها سهلة وممتعة للعب! ما تحتاجه لأداء الحيل وتجنب التحطيم ضد المباني والعوائق!

تحميل اللعبة مجانا والمتعة! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول PEPI Bike 3D‏

  • WerbraingCerb

    WerbraingCerb Excellent game but with a problem Excellent game ! Can't get enough of it. I'm having some trouble though. After reaching level 7 and score of 18000, the game seems to crash. I seem to be riding towards nowhere, with no obstacle ahead, and it doesn't stop unless I uninstall the game. Can anyone help please? Highly Recommend.

  • priscilathamank28

    priscilathamank28 Eh Fun, but low graphics and way too many ads. Looks more like a beta game. The only music is in the first five seconds of the app. Jump is 20% disfunctional. Not a keeper. Not bad

  • vphillips265

    vphillips265 Gud game but.... Plzz fix the controls on diff side It becomes a problem as both of them are on same side Highly Recommend.

  • lovelin

    lovelin Okay. The gameplay is actually good. Graphics are okay. Too many ads! Every time there is ads. Highly Recommend.

  • kartbull

    kartbull much fun enjoying alot to playing this games and wheni play this i feel i im in a game and rider is mine :* Must have


    MEMNOCH Good The game is good but the game just starts off riding for like 16 Sec then jus drops to the bottom of the map and keeps riding need to fix Good

  • moockysmils

    moockysmils Pretty good. at the begining when you riding this thing pops up making it hard to see. might wanna move or remove that. Works great

  • tqdblgi

    tqdblgi love it keep up the good work folks. Anyone says diff don't no wat there talking about............: ) Works great

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