Pet Rescue Saga‏ for Android

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  • glikmooebv

    glikmooebv Game keeps kicking me out and then I lose that life. Can't go between devices and still get to use the boosters you've earned. Please fix and I will change back to 5 star rating. Perfect

  • nskkmooews

    nskkmooews Hate to wait Soooo Long to update¡¿¡¿ Yeeepppeeeee Hii guys its a lovely game. Very addective. I am on level 1467. Who else is there or in front of me??? Superb!

  • lomaearll

    lomaearll Fun When ur playing against family members and they were on level 540 and u just started now ur on level 720 and u just pass one if them its super exciting it keeps me busy on slow days and when I'm waiting Fabulous!

  • enikeshop1

    enikeshop1 Pet rescue saga I love this game and have played it for a long time but i have had enough of building my lifes up to 100 only for to keep having them all wiped off for no apparent reason this is 5 times this has happened to me and im now sick of it happening Must have

  • welovesongwriting

    welovesongwriting I have completed episode 99,level 1467 on24th augt2016.waiting update.enjoying weather alert, mistry mounten. love it

  • ashworth1

    ashworth1 I lov it... but Rigth now I really, really piss.... last weekend I receive a msj where ask me to update the game, I did it, and then I lost all my booster that I had and cost me a lot of work got em!! Now, every 5 min I have the same msj You 5 lives are full or something, even when I dont touch the game. What happen? Are yiu going to give my booster back? Fantastic

  • bprashanthi

    bprashanthi Love the game but not the memory I bought 12 horizontal block blasters + balloons when registered my name lost them all !!! £7 down the drain !!!not at all happy that it doesn't remember players and bought items! Pretty good

  • dreama1973

    dreama1973 Lots of fun to play. The Island and Mountain games for getting extra boosters is really handy. This game is a hit! Fabulous!

  • emuspesTriste

    emuspesTriste pet Rescue Been playing this game since release having got bored with the likes of candy crush. Am still playing this just hate having to wait for new levels however as there is over 1400 shouldn't be a problem if you haven't played before Amazing!

  • asifoundit

    asifoundit Why Love the game but when you change phones and re dowload you lose everything i had max lives alot of boosters my max lives are gone slowly getting back boosters Marvelous

  • absortlat

    absortlat Notification Please fix the annoying recharge lives notifications. I have 24 hours of game play and keep getting notifications my lives are recharged. Also where is the option to turn this off Awesome

  • airetechit

    airetechit Love It But Will It Ever End Great Game I refuse to pay for lives, so gives you the opportunities to win periods of free lives to get to the next level. It keeps increasing the top level so don't know if it will ever end I might have to just give Works perfectly

  • evirocorp

    evirocorp Like it a lot I like to go back to get more stars on levels that I just get 1 or 2 stars but there's no incentive...just personal satisfaction. I really like the VS. challenges and weather events though. Well done!!

  • samunellarichardson

    samunellarichardson It's okay but sometimes it just freezes and when it unfreeze it says my life's are gone please fix this. Over wise this game is great Pretty good

  • parivartan

    parivartan Puzzling It's a dazzling colorful genuine pleasing game with multiple strategies. I am very comfortable with it Fantastic

  • bamebladovo

    bamebladovo Love this game but I have to wait days to play it wen I needo tickets its like my phone has to wait til it updates I hate it ive waited a month an this game still hasnt updated any new levels so um done playn it back to candy crush i go i hate this game now it sucks Surprisingly

  • wpsshamika

    wpsshamika Great game but freezes up a lot This is my favorite game app but it freezes up a lot. If it didn't freeze up I would give it five stars. Very addictive and fun. Perfect

  • marianiporto

    marianiporto Love it! Most the King games get frustrating for me at the end and I just give up and stop playing. Pet rescue is different though, I will definitely be playing all the way to the end Pretty good

  • andy137

    andy137 My favorite by King The goals in this game keep it interesting and fun. The two level types involve getting a pet to the bottom of the screen (some with move number caps and some not) or removing all blocks from the screen. Both are fun logic puzzles and less about chance than other King games. There are lots of opportunities to win free boosters for the over 1500 levels. I'm past 1000 and I still don't feel like I'm stuck on repeat like their other games. Highly Recommend.

  • drugstoreonline

    drugstoreonline Love the game Love the mountain quest and the weather report. You made it possible to solve a mystery quest to get to the next level. I give you a 5 star rating. I can't stop playing. Worth a go!