Pet Rescue Saga‏ for Android

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  • Jeane_Cled

    Jeane_Cled Fun and addicting... Fun game. Can be very addictive. But why not, you get to save cute adorable animals... Some levels are frustrating but can still be beaten with no extra help used. Only bad review I can give is when using a hammer or other items offered it should not count that has a move. Great!

  • Beijinao

    Beijinao Yeheeeyyyy very xciting games love it I've done 1452 levels and im waiting for the new levels again to come so sad u don't upgrade lots of level...maybe i deserve a reward for this im the one who' s waiting hahaha Omg

  • milegarcia98

    milegarcia98 Fantastic This app really helps me pass my days at work. It's challenging to the brain and helps you to control your temper after continuously attempting to conquer it's puzzles. Pretty good

  • CunseCors

    CunseCors Jackie P Loved the game got to level 1.459 then game just disappeared can't find it anywhere. Worth a go!

  • jbanzan

    jbanzan Love the challenges of the game. Especially the hard levels. Have to keep trying to conquer the game. Always waiting for new levels wow lol

  • vyhpmbl

    vyhpmbl Frustrated Getting tired of the very hard levels. If I wanted to think that much, I'd play chess. Well done!!

  • ktrlqvy

    ktrlqvy Awesome But one problem I can't pass level 27 they said that I have to use gold bars or play 3 quest but otherwise it's awesome Muito bom!

  • fizzpevqrhh

    fizzpevqrhh Strategic game Rescuing the pets depends on how you play with strategy. A mind game made cool with cute pets. Highly Recommend.

  • taabaibhbtf

    taabaibhbtf Why is it that I want to go further now I have to wait and ask friends, it's been 2 days and still nothing. I'm enjoying this game, but this puts me off! Looks like I'll have to delete this game, start all over again just To be able to play how boring! Flawless

  • tspnawa

    tspnawa Pet saga Good levels some really hard and frustrating ,but keeps you playing. Really like weather and mountain levels Fabulous!

  • Drerwhahzeple

    Drerwhahzeple Next episode With out fb PPL i.e. friends,u cant git pass! Unless uza hava$$ YA WANNA DOZ.ifa UZA Duntz gita da help,UZA sit til YA doz....dayz month(s)?Mmmmm'kaaay.maka WAY Fo 5stars... Worth a go!

  • janetilott

    janetilott Cool Wonderful and Excellent experience and I enjoyed Since last Two years, More over I played all 1452 levels and waiting for 1453 level. Works perfectly

  • pratapsingh

    pratapsingh I had more than 180 gold bars .They have reduced to 110 without any purchase or use.Very disgusting.Please restore them as I have earned them after playing for hours.Please restore them Well done!!

  • apemiautife

    apemiautife Pet rescue saga This game is fun. Sometimes levels are easy and what I like most the levels that test my skill wow lol

  • boooring

    boooring Decent time killer Good basic game. Lots of variety so even if I get stuck on a level, I can usually play a different challenge and get back to it later. Works perfectly

  • itpxpmwyiv

    itpxpmwyiv Pet rescue saga I loved the game until last night when i made a $1.99 purchase for gold bars & never gave them to me after it said purchase was successful. Whatever ive made multiple purchases for all of your other games: candy crush, diamond digger, soda crush, & pet rescue saga in particular. I will no longer be making any purchases for any of your games. i know it's only $1.99 that's not the point it's the principal. I've been purchasing items for the games listed & this is the first time i have had any trouble. I' wow lol

  • Friblereerb

    Friblereerb Im so much fan of this game but unfortunately im in the level of difficulty in putting back the lives. How can i cntinue playing? Must have

  • toonvence

    toonvence More levels please! Love the game. Waiting for an update. At level 1437 and have never made a single purchase. It's all about strategy. Don't give up. Must have

  • HansdOleire

    HansdOleire Very nice game! Puzzle in!! Je viens juste de terminer le niveau 1351 super difficile, en faisant un super score!!! Bien que très satisfait de, j'ai à attendre compléter le suivant d'où je suis coincé. Voilà!!! Highly Recommend.

  • znnkmooeqs

    znnkmooeqs So much fun to play I can't put this game down . I like that they give me incentives to help play the game. Each level is different so I never know what it will be. Enjoy it!