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PewDiePie: أسطورة Brofist. تاريخ مستخدمي YouTube المفضلة لديك على ملحمة السعي!

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الإصدار: 1.4.0
حجم: 72M


تاريخ مستخدمي YouTube المفضلة لديك على ملحمة السعي في بيو دي باي: أسطورة Brofist.
يتمتع هذا منهاج 2D مذهلة في راحة يديك!

"هذا هو منهاج لمس بعناية أن يعرف تاريخ الألعاب لها، والذي يتجنب في التطبيق المشتريات لصالح التركيز على مهارات لاعب." -Stuart الجرافة، الحارسة

واضاف "انها فعلا جيدة!" فوربس

⋆ نجمعها BROCOINS لشراء شخصيات جديدة، والدفاع والهجوم!
⋆ ALL THE STARS الأنلوك YOUTUBE ومحاولة للتغلب على اللعبة كما بيو دي باي، مارزيا، CinnamonToastKen، JackSepticEye، Cryaotic، Markiplier وأكثر!
⋆ بالوكالة صوت حقيقي من قبل مستخدمي YouTube!
⋆ قتال أرباب العمل الملحمي لحفظ المعجبين بك!
⋆ تغلب على جميع المستويات صعوبة واثبات ان كنت لاعبة المتشددين!
⋆ تحدي أصدقائك في الساحة البقاء على قيد الحياة والتباهي درجاتك في الفيسبوك!
⋆ جمع كل الأسرار الخفية في المراحل.


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تعليقات حول PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist

  • guptaarun

    guptaarun Great Game! This game is fantastic on any phone that isn't a Note 7. On my note it just flashes the outer minds logo and goes to black and stays there. However it's probably just something to do with optimization since the note 7 is a brand new device. Would recommend 10/10 Enjoy it!

  • psekartu

    psekartu Didn't save I love this game! I beat it when it first came out. I saved my progress thru Google and had received all the achievements. I had to get a new phone and when I reloaded the game it made me start back over!! I was very upset because I had spent so much time beating it and getting the achievements. My Google profile showed my progress and achievements were still there, but when I opened the game back up to play it, I had to restart everything! It sucked. Game is still fun just frustrated about what happened. Omg

  • rgqhrhb

    rgqhrhb Lost all my progress. I was very close to finishing the game, but one day when i opened the app, all my progress was lost! It's such an amazing game, i really hope you fix this. i haven't played the game again after i lost my progress - it ruined a great game for me. 5 star

  • vcdneyaxzu

    vcdneyaxzu Great game I am a fan of pewdiepie and i really love this game. One problem though, the game keeps crashing at the intro. I can't play for no longer then 5 mins. Please fix the problem. I would really love to play the game without it crashing every 2mins Worth a go!

  • raghuvir

    raghuvir One problem. It heats my phone a bit too much, even on the lowest setting, which kinda hurts my fingers when I touch the screen, but other than that, great game! Amazing!

  • artsforlearning

    artsforlearning Two brofists up! It has the perfect balance of action and tension of a 2d platform game and the random messed up humor of Pewdiepie. Its great to see cameos of other stars and references to the good ol' days of Pewdiepie. Everyone who worked on did a great job and it definitely shows how cool a mobile game could be. Great!

  • urkmjq

    urkmjq Senpai Pewds Notice me Please. I realy love it. Every levels are challenging . Great graphics , characters , and its awesome . Dont stop making videos because you are the only one who makes me laugh so hard and whenever i got sick , when i watch your videos my sick will disappeare like bubbles. You did a great job . I watch your videos since 2012 , Love you Senpai ! Surprisingly

  • optcompany

    optcompany Pewds!!! I still give it a 5 star but I have a problem its been crashing at the beginning of the game. :( I don't know what the problem is but if its un the game please fix it as soon as possible. :( Go well

  • snakeonline

    snakeonline Its amazing! But, After a while of playing it my title screen got all weird and disproportional.. its not my phone because no other app is acting like that . Worth it!

  • lelordd

    lelordd I love this game, it's perfect in every way. The controls are a little wonky at first but you get used to it. I think the only thing that bums me out is that Stephano, Shannon, and Jennifer weren't voiced by Pewds. Sure that would be a lot of roles for him to do but we live in the memory of their voices. Love the game regardless ❤ Perfect

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