كاميرا PIP - صور تأثير for Android

صانع الفن التصويري الفوتوغرافي ومحرر الصور مع صور مذهلة مرشحات وتأثيرات الصور
  • sushilkumar3080

    sushilkumar3080 البرنامج ممتاز و اكثر من رائع مع نلاحظة ان بتحتاج تنزل بعض انماطه من البرنامج نفسه مش بتنزل كمان وفرو اكبر استخدام للبرنامج مع التطوير بالتحديثات يكون افضل

  • BevDice

    BevDice اعجبني لكن ماتنزل عندي بعض الإطارات مادري أيش المشكله ياليت تعدلو فيه

  • gaggmbfzplj

    gaggmbfzplj جميللاشكركم علي البرنامج هذا عن جد انا كثير مبسوط لاكن ليش مافي اشي جديد

  • erfvmtci

    erfvmtci انا مش عارف ليه حاسس ان شاء الله الغالية ما يهمك يا معلم انا ما بعرف اذا كنت تريد شيئا

  • ProoraCic

    ProoraCic G.gotti69 Like it very much but had to Uninstalle because it mess up the camera that was already installed on my phone!! Cool

  • wizfhyqjtgt

    wizfhyqjtgt Nice Sometimes the picture i choose is not correctly fitted in the things and it also blocks my face Enjoy it!

  • Priyanka_Harjai

    Priyanka_Harjai Eeeeeeee Update khatam hi ni hota .... updated finish hota he then fir update hone ki permission Perfect

  • Sunreef

    Sunreef Pip camera filters and frames I find this app amusing. Its fun but i would give it more stars if there was no advertisements. Quite annoying!!! Awesome

  • smithj

    smithj Like it I like it a lot.. Just wish there were black people hands holding the ones with the phone.. And wish there was a better way to fit up close photos into some of the slots Pretty good

  • tyukmooeme

    tyukmooeme Very Nice Good collection of pip and it is really brilliant for collage. U may try it firstly. Cool

  • JohnMart

    JohnMart Pretty good but... It would be better if there was a paid version which wasn't loaded with ad's and also the picture quality is saves is much lower res than the original which is disappointing. Amazing!

  • wagnerapp_PG

    wagnerapp_PG Awsme Niccee app Well done!!

  • GoldWaveEditor

    GoldWaveEditor 新しい機能が 写真を絵画風にする機能がお気に入りなのですが、自分のアルバムからもアップロード出来るようにしてほしいです Just wow

  • tapwat

    tapwat Good app,but please put the options in settings to off the logo mark of PIP Camera. Great!

  • HogenCo

    HogenCo Woooohooooo! I just don't have words to say but this is the best photo editor when i installed it, it was just more than my expectations.... Really i don't have words that how beautiful and excellent this app is.... Well done ''Fotoable'' team.... 5 star

  • Joann_Zoow

    Joann_Zoow Great App I love this app. It really gives me amazing ways to scrapbook my organizations photos as well as photos of the family!!! Totally recommend! 5 star

  • Jeane_DORB

    Jeane_DORB Be a pro If u don't ave any ideas to tk a gud pic just use tis app it's awesome... It's lovely Well done!!

  • pvsucllehe

    pvsucllehe Love Omg this is so good like my friends are always like how do you do that and im like you none of you business Superb!

  • qudchfm

    qudchfm This app is mind -bowing app. I liked it so much. We can addit the photo very easyly. Marvelous

  • gcdngsgjzw

    gcdngsgjzw Good The application needed more effects to edit pics. But :- - Application is the best. Superb!