Pool Billiards Pro‏ for Android

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  • hellogudee

    hellogudee Great Very captivating and fun online game. But what if I decide to move to a new device or reset the old one, how can I get my game money and the level I've reached? What should I do? Are they connected with Google Play Games? Enjoy it!

  • publishorperish

    publishorperish Good Excellent. Lets me practice as long as I like alone. My only complaint is suggestions for where to aim next aren't always the best. Directs me to ricochet when sometimes hitting another ball directly is best. Doesn't the programmer know pool? Works perfectly

  • vodiensn

    vodiensn Addictive Played three games today. The other person had left or quit but it stayed stuck on their turn even though they had quit but still took all winnings. Was a great game. Not happy. You would of got 5stars Cool

  • Numalodatott

    Numalodatott Fun, addicting, great time passer I play online and also thru Google play against my wife and friends.... easy to learn but hard to master.... arcade mode breaks the monotony that some other pool games have.... just all around the best pool game I have found. Omg

  • Mailboxwork

    Mailboxwork Cheaters!! There are cheaters in this game. I have played now for about 2 years and today someone just aimed at the black ball (did not shoot, just aimed) and send me a "hahaha", his turn passed and he won! He still had 6 balls left!!! WTF is that about??? Please make sure your app cannot be cheated! Grrrrr.... Fabulous!

  • pulsamobile

    pulsamobile A good Pool game! It's just simple and I really like pool very much! My mom used to play pool in the club in my town and long time ago. This is a fun app! Not bad

  • zgmbfvisld

    zgmbfvisld Too many cheaters Excellent game with the addition of online play. Unfortunately players such as Labrador52 use a hack to illegally move the cue for the most beneficial shot. What's the purpose of winning if you don't EARN it?!? Great game some retched people playing. Recommend

  • Vosteloulty

    Vosteloulty Removed this app about 8 times because i was trying to handle the addiction, guess what.. Failed again.. Its too damn good. Muito bom!

  • inciongwce

    inciongwce Wow addictive game.. i have 90.000 coins and 44 levels with golden cue... but that's all gone now.. i lose my gameplay continued in master section (5.000 bet) .. how's pity that i'm just a poor man with 1200 coins now.. hahaaha well.. the developer.. i think you should add a tournament.. and your game could be the greatest one 5 star

  • emmajane

    emmajane Great game but there are issues. Game too tough even in easy level. Need to improve the game's ai. Once the ai starts to shoot it never stops and win the game really easily. This is too bad. I can't even put up a fight. Omg

  • salvadormcco11

    salvadormcco11 Really hard controls I mean I get the controls, it is that it take a while for me to get the strike button to go and when it does it doesn't go the power I want it to go. Also it is not my phone because I've only had this phone for three days. Make this easier to strike the ball for people who have bigger fingers than others. Change it and I will rate it 4 or possibly 5. Well done!!

  • timlane37

    timlane37 Could be better It told me I fouled a lot which is crap. The aiming is the hardest part. Zone on the aim would go a long way just zoom in the English does. But I guess it is OK. Well done!!

  • miss_choi

    miss_choi nice game how do I get challenged when I play online? I'm always requesting others I'm beginning to suspect that I'm not playing real people love it

  • summerparadissee

    summerparadissee Network problems :( Good app however, there were some annoying instances i don't know if its really network problem or someone has control over the game, because suddenly you'll loose network connection when you are about to win the game especially if your opponent has a high % of win. It was such an annoying or frustrating moment. I don't care about the adds, thats the source of income for the developers. Recommend

  • Kimedia

    Kimedia Great game but... This could be one of the best billiard games but I think that it would be cool if you let the people to chat while playing in multilayer mode. You have phrases by default, and they're cool but you must let us to type whatever we want. You could hide offensive words and that kind of things. Anyway, good game. I hope you update this option. love it

  • wholesalecheapstore

    wholesalecheapstore It's alright 8 ball pool by miniclip is a lil bit better but it's not working right now for me Great job

  • Geskslode

    Geskslode Good Network error issues are a major draw back. Also, more levels required in arcade. Otherwise a decent app. Fabulous!

  • isidrocarson1025

    isidrocarson1025 Best Great Awesome Faster to download great graphics Works perfectly

  • laurencerile24

    laurencerile24 Pool Billiards Pro Do you suppose we could be allowed to reset our poor games without resetting our good ones? It would improve morale and require smaller round buttons. Oh, and dot the tables? Thank you. Perfect

  • Neftaneseaw

    Neftaneseaw Great when it doesn't crash Great game! Awesome graphics! However I've lost several games due to sever error (cannot find room) etc. Worse when you're playing for 1800 pool bucks and lose 1000. Great job