Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker Carrom‏ for Android

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  • Waibreinverve

    Waibreinverve New version has issues Main problem is Cueball spin or tilt angle is no longer reset after each turn. No manual reset button available either. Cool

  • Ownerneno

    Ownerneno Free ball? Love the game, very addictive. However the game doesnt seem to understand free ball. It gives a foul when you hit a free ball when one has been awarded. love it

  • chintanmehta

    chintanmehta Best game out!! If you did not download this game, you are missing out, love all the diffrent games and its free! Good

  • Preacher44

    Preacher44 Simply Loved it !!! By far the best game which i have tried out of many games, simply loved it... Really appreciates the developer team .. Thanks for this :-) love it

  • aloevella

    aloevella What a game......! Exactly what I wanted. Very nice game. Thanx for providing such type of game......... Must have

  • rayce33

    rayce33 Great game An accurate depiction of the beautiful billiards game. A lot better than other pool games I have played and the fact you can play against a Droid, a friend or online against the public is great. A well layed out overall excellent game Muito bom!

  • tommrec

    tommrec Brilliant!!!! All other pool games on the market fall way behind the high level this has set. 3d graphics is super fast. Have you got any more 3d games? Pretty good

  • macdacmmnn

    macdacmmnn This app would be better if there was a way you could play with friends on facebook Highly Recommend.

  • yogesh123

    yogesh123 None like this I love it fabulous game.Online and offline game with so many beauties.Thanks a lot Muito bom!

  • noicksinisata

    noicksinisata Good and better but Best to go Pretty good

  • Treaptupe

    Treaptupe Good and better but Best to go Pretty good

  • richsuzj

    richsuzj I play in tournaments an can see how my rack breaks work it helps me in my real play love it keep your stroke on ABQ MAC Recommend

  • EFCollegeBreakTravel

    EFCollegeBreakTravel Good and better but Best to go Awesome

  • subhra_jyoti

    subhra_jyoti Good and better but Best to go Not bad

  • diego84

    diego84 Good and better but Best to go Good

  • HendawoogeBog

    HendawoogeBog Good and better but Best to go love it

  • debmorgan04

    debmorgan04 Good and better but Best to go Perfect!

  • imcapture

    imcapture Good and better but Best to go Superb!

  • markkalita

    markkalita Great update! The update has helped with the look of the game and it feels more modern after this update. It has many added features and is great for short plays and competitions against private players. Recommend to all people willing to play this game. Go well

  • roussellobo

    roussellobo Not bad The game has some problems ,like in UK pool u can snooker a play u don't have to drive ball to the rail sort the UK rules out Amazing!