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من صانع أساطير ضمن يأتي مستوى طاقة المحارب. محاربة التحديات حوض طريقك! جمع الكرات السلطة ووبلورات التنين وشراء مواقع جديدة. تخصيص الطابع الخاص بك وفتح التحولات الفائقة التي سوف تزيد من زيادة مستوى الطاقة الخاصة بك. وقد الكرة في حين لعب وتدريب المحارب التنين الخاص بك!

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power level warrior 2, power level warrior hack

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تعليقات حول Power Level Warrior‏

  • hi5prharsh0028

    hi5prharsh0028 Amazing Words cannot describe what kind of a great game this is. I love it at first it was hard and now it's easy. I've beaten this game 4 times and I'll tell you it's absolutely amazing. Good

  • BethDossantos

    BethDossantos Great game Only thing lacking about this game is it runs on an energy system, it's a fighting game with no multiplayer why do we need an energy system? Also no chatecter customization sucks but tbh I can live with it and the combo is to ordinary and short also more modes would be nice such as a practice mode or a survival mode and anything else to make this game better than what it is the worst thing tho is really the energy system if not for that I'd rate 5 stars Marvelous

  • hadzac

    hadzac Good game, but to slow Love the game and its fun but leveling up takes to much time. I am at level 8 and i do double experience every round but i still have to play hard rounds like 5 times to get half way. Pretty good

  • lisaswolfe

    lisaswolfe I liked this game alot, i wish there was another transformation, and you could make your character ripped when he transformed, or make his attack speed super fast, but at the cost of more power, other than that i really loved it. Fabulous!

  • basher1008

    basher1008 Ok Same people fight over and over. 1v2+ Can literally kill you in few seconds if you have no energy and its unavoidable secondary attacks dont work half the time for me mainly the melee attack and i havent seen anything to say when it doesnt work combat can be fun Go well

  • Aulzzyjivf

    Aulzzyjivf An amazing game i cant wait for the 2nd one. Hopefully the next is just as good. Only one problem though. All enemys just keep blocking so i cant attack them which is annoying. Please fix. Muito bom!

  • puutatochip

    puutatochip Good, but could be better. Not to diss the gameplay, its got good form. But there should be some customization for the appearance of the character. Also, maybe a multiplayer mode or something else other than just "story mode" to play. Hopefully they will will add a few of these kinds of features in the upcoming squeal game that is scheduled to come out. Perfect!

  • rkttdaap

    rkttdaap Great idea It's a good game and a great time waster... Too bad it is ruined by an energy system... You have 7 energy points and one is used every time you play a level. The ten minute wait for each energy point... Is ridiculous... I would like to see them remove the pointless energy so that I can actually play the game. Other wise controls are simple and easy to understand and again Great concept but limited playablity Fantastic

  • aureliowinte821

    aureliowinte821 Make it easy and online battle Make the game a bit easy but not too much easy at the same time. Make online battles and make it so that we battle with our friends and the power level spot on I love it ☺ keep it up guys. Maybe bring this to power level warrior 2, that would be awesome! Well done!!

  • floydpeters615

    floydpeters615 I love everything about it so awesome love it It's like dragonballKai or super I Hope Thay come with power up worrier s 2!? You guys may make good money I'm only 10 by the way well see yah later Must have

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