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وبمجرد تثبيته ، يفتح مفتاح Premium هذا الميزات المتميزة لتطبيق PrintShare Mobile Print المجاني.
ومع ذلك ، يرجى ملاحظة أنه لا يمكن استخدامها من تلقاء نفسها! يحتاج المرء لتثبيت تطبيق PrintShare Mobile Print المجاني الرئيسي من أجل الطباعة.

يدعم تطبيق PrintShare Mobile Print مجموعة كبيرة من أجهزة HP (Officejet و LaserJet و Photosmart و Deskjet وغيرها من الموديلات الأخرى بما في ذلك سلسلة Mobile Officejet 100/150/200/250 و HP Officejet H470) و Epson (Artisan و WorkForce و Stylus وسلسلة أخرى) ، Canon (PIXMA MP / MX / MG وسلسلة أخرى) ، Brother ، Kodak ، Samsung ، Dell ، Ricoh ، Lexmark ، Kyocera ، أوكي وغيرها من الطابعات بما في ذلك الشبكات القديمة. قائمة كاملة من الطابعات المدعومة متاحة على يمكنك أيضًا الطباعة إلى الطابعات القديمة غير المدعومة مع برامج الكمبيوتر المجانية الخاصة بـ Mac و Windows المتوفرة على

فيما يلي قائمة الطابعات التي يدعمها تطبيق PrinterShare:
تأكد من أن طابعتك مدعومة. يرجى أيضًا طباعة صفحة اختبار قبل شراء مفتاح Premium هذا.

مع PrinterShare يمكنك طباعة مستندات Office والفواتير والفواتير على الفور (Word و Excel و PowerPoint و PDF وملفات نصية والمزيد) مباشرة من جهازك اللوحي أو الهاتف (من الذاكرة الداخلية أو بطاقة SD أو مصدر السحابة مثل Google Drive / مستندات Google) إلى طابعة بجوارك أو في أي مكان في العالم!

العضوية المميزة:

* الطباعة المباشرة غير المحدودة القريبة عبر Wi-Fi و Bluetooth و USB بدون كمبيوتر شخصي ؛
* غير محدود الطباعة عن بعد. لن يحتاج الطرف المستقبل (Windows أو Mac) إلى شراء صفحات أو اشتراك ؛

لديك طباعة جيدة!

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تعليقات حول PrinterShare Premium Key‏

  • sarahnelson188

    sarahnelson188 Disappointed This app is okay when it actually works correctly but it doesn't always work when you want it to. Sometimes it randomly logs you out and it won't print on 4 x 6 paper for a 4x 6 picture. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still has the same problem. Customer support not helpful. Looking for a better app Great!

  • brillierr

    brillierr Doesn't always work correctly Sometimes doesn't finish printing the second page . I have to print 2 copies of my log book. Three second page usually doesn't print all the way. Have wasted lots of paper and ink! Samsung Note 4/HP office jet100 mobile printer Update 8/16/16: App has been working flawlessly for the last 6 months or so. Really like it Worth a go!

  • liyiyi

    liyiyi Almost 5 Stars Love it. Canon Pixma works great via USB. Seamless. Only complaint is that in blank areas of a page, including the end of a doc, the app slowly advances the page through instead of feeding the paper out at the normal rate I am used to. Otherwise, it would be 5 stars. Also had to reboot my phone after it was installed because the print option became grayed out in the app from which I was printing; but that was only an issue the first time. Being able to control the scanner features would be awesome! Just wow

  • repairtags

    repairtags It just works.... Had this for a few years now. Used it at work, use it at home. Best with a wifi printer but will connect through another computer too. Prints to the cloud as well. I like direct print. Using a HP envy printer at the moment. Excellent. Printing from my XOOM tablet and my Samsung galaxy s4 with no problems. Updated to a Samsung Galaxy tab s2 and still loving this program. A must for android users. love it

  • Raul51

    Raul51 Excellant I have been using this app for years, at least 2 or years.its better than the apps for your particular printer. For some reason they don't work or unable to scan for my printer.BUT NOT THIS APP. IT NEVER EVER FAILS. I even use it at work from my phone to our office printer. THANKS GUYS, YOUR WONDERFUL Charlene RN Omg

  • vioupqqsx

    vioupqqsx Decent Printer Driver I've used this app for a couple of years and it has proved useful and easy to use. I originally had an HP Envy and now a Canon Pixma. Both work well, and I don't have any problems. If any files are required to handle a different format, the app just downloads it and carries on. I like it a lot. Awesome

  • deinpdzcx

    deinpdzcx Just does the job. Test pages always print perfectly. Actual documents are a bit hit & miss. Can't select pages to print because I never know what I'll get. Easier to print the whole doc then take out the surplus pages. Wastes a lot of paper. Omg

  • jorgpress03

    jorgpress03 Decent I was looking for another app to use when for some unknown reason my Samsung app decided not to work. For me I did not like getting forced into buying this app without at least printing something other than a test page. It all came out in the wash however. I have only printed PDFs so far but am happy with the app. Highly Recommend.

  • claudia_petrisi

    claudia_petrisi Fantastic I exceedingly love and recommend this app! I currently don't have a PC but that's no problem. I use a wireless printer that's plugged into a USB port of my dual band router. I'm able to print anything, so far, from my tablets and smartphones (2ea) with no problems! It's well worth downloading the PrinterShare free app and then, for a small 1 time fee to purchase the premium key. This allows for unlimited printing from all my devices!!!❤ Just wow

  • killrecu58

    killrecu58 Reliable Printing App Best investment I ever made in an Android app. UPDATE: It's now almost 3 years later, and this app has kept up with all device and OS changes. I'd give it a 10 if that was possible ! Fantastic

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