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دفع شكا! تدريب مع الأجهزة الخاصة بك! المدرب الشخصية مجانا.

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دفع يرفع تجريب! تدريب مع الجهاز! مدرب الشخصية مجانا.

أفضل دفع ما يصل التطبيق تجريب يأتي مع تصميم فريدة من نوعها وظيفة قوية.

هذا هو الشخصية مدرب اللياقة البدنية الحقيقي. هذا هو بناء الجسم بارد. بوشوبس تجريب لا يساعد فقط عد عدد من دفع عمليات تجريب تفعل، ولكن أيضا بحساب السعرات الحرارية التي تفقد أثناء كل المكوس ويجعل خطة التدريب الخاصة بك على أساس التدريب والجسم الوضع اليومي.

في طريقة التدريب، سوف سيتوبس التطبيق جعل خطة التدريب معقولة على أساس السن والمكانة الجسم. سيتم تقسيم الخطة إلى ستة مستويات مع كل مستوى يحتوي على عدة مجموعات من دفع شكا. وسوف تستند خطة تدريبية لمجموعة أو مستوى المقبلة على نتيجة التدريب الحالية الخاصة بك. في كل مستوى جديد التطبيق سيتم إعادة تقييم وضع الجسم للتأكد من تخصيص الخطة.

لا يمكنك الاعتماد فقط على دفع شكا باستخدام مستشعر القرب ولكن أيضا إدخال بيانات التدريب يدويا.

كيف تحقق من هذه بوشوبس التطبيق يساعدك على بناء جسمك من خلال القيام تجريب تمرين رياضي. انها لن يخيب لكم.

* مستشعر القرب العد
* أدخل بيانات التدريب يدويا
* الرسوم البيانية والإحصائيات
* وضع التدريب
* الوضع حرة

دفع يرفع نسخة للمحترفين:؟id=pushup.workout.pushups

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تعليقات حول Push Ups Workout‏

  • poyybndi

    poyybndi Simple but effective It seems almost silly, by this app has really helped me. I struggled to do a set of just 3 push-ups when I started this app two months ago. I just took the test for lvl 3 to 4, and I did a set of 28 in a row before my arms gave out. Still plenty of work to do, but the improvement is amazing. There's even a subtle but noticeable improvement in my physique. The key is that the app does a great job of presenting tough but doable training and reminds me to do them. Enjoy it!

  • YvetteSun

    YvetteSun Awesome app The basic idea behind the app is very unique, but really depends on the hardware of your phone. If your phone can't detect faces, or it doesn't have any additional sensors on the front, this app won't be very good for you. However, if your phone has the sensors necessary to use this app, then the workout regimen is great, and it's about 98% accurate. I'd suggest trying it out for a bit to see if it works well woth your phone, and just uninstall it if it doesn't. Perfect

  • Jeane_Duar

    Jeane_Duar I love it I have been using it for about a year now and it is easy and simple. I have it installed on my phone and hudl2. Unfortunately the scores don't synch to each other, but I still use them as I regularly swap between the two devices the numbers are roughly the same. Amazing!

  • lindan

    lindan Working well The only thing the app could use is an indication of hour many days have passed since last using it on the notification. This is good, as I like to leave a couple of days between, and tend to lose count. After all, that is why I got this app on the first place ;-) Superb!

  • enlirmPillide

    enlirmPillide Awesome app but for some reason the icon has vanished from within my application list. Works great

  • ckqzxttfp

    ckqzxttfp Amazing app The addition of Google fit sync has sold me. It gives you the ability to create your own fitness suite Ithe different brands. It's simple and sophisticated. A must have app for the self trainer. Perfect!

  • ericpeters

    ericpeters Very good app It a great app and it's got really good functions and features. The only complaint to I would have about it is that time to time it doesn't sense my push up but other than that it great Not bad

  • Weamydrildirl

    Weamydrildirl Works well, notifications a bit iffy It's good and adapts pretty well in terms of difficulty but I set it to notify every 3 days and it just notifies me every day anyway. Would be good to fix! Marvelous

  • mikeyga

    mikeyga Adds V annoying Good app, training progressing well but recently it seems to be super sensitive around the adds which really ruins the workout when one pops up mid set of reps! Please correct this as it is sooo annoying an on principle won't look at any of the adds that have interrupted me. Beginning and end OK but mid work out! Can't be helping the companies either!!! Fabulous!

  • clubvibe

    clubvibe Impressed me I'm decent at push-ups before this and I've only done the level select and first training session but I can tell that it's def. Going to assist me. Won't regret getting it. 5 star

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