تحميل بازل - الكلاب صغيرة للحصول على الروبوت

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بازل الكلاب الصغيرة مجموعة كبيرة من الصور الجميلة والرائعة للجراء الصغيرة.

( 25,435 )
الإصدار: 1.15
حجم: 16.77 MB


بازل الكلاب الصغيرة مجموعة كبيرة من الصور الجميلة والرائعة للجراء الصغيرة.

- تحتوي هذه اللعبة على عدة مستويات :
- 3 * 3
- 4 * 4
- 5 * 5
- 6 * 6
- 7 * 7
- 8 * 8
- يمكنك نقل أي شريحة لجعل الصورة كاملة.
- بسيطة وبديهية
- تحسن قدرات التفكير
- تستطيع حفظ الصورة على جهازك بعد تجميعها
- مناسبة للجميع

جمع الصور وستمتع بها .

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تعليقات حول بازل - الكلاب صغيرة

  • FireFitUK

    FireFitUK I good It,s awesome and they are cute I love them their are three or four that looks like my puppy I love it expuly when it looks like my dog thank you I love you,er app 5 star

  • Sextethysmene

    Sextethysmene Amazing This game is nice to play but lots of adds they let you skip every add .when I started it didn't know how to change the puzzle but press the back button then press exit I'll tack you back to the other puzzles. My favorite part is that it tells you congratulations when you done with a puzzle.AMAZING Go well

  • gganluca

    gganluca SO ADORABLE I just love puppies so much they're so cute and cuddley

  • thoulpelurl

    thoulpelurl Puzzle Puppy Pictures of puppies are just what I wanted. I love how these puzzles go together, I have other puzzle downloads and they are all great.

  • inertiatour

    inertiatour So cute Get it it's so cute but the best thing is that you can put cute puppies on your pictures

  • mednetech

    mednetech SO CUTE Im getting two puppys tomorrow a white one named Marshmellow and a brown one named Cocoa.

  • achiiever

    achiiever Lil Mouse I dwnload' this app in October and I'm STILL LOVIN' IT!!!!!!! I only have one wish, PLEASE ADD MORE PIX'S!! Thank you!

  • Skunyak

    Skunyak So cute Just got it and it is so cute. I think my mum wants them I want to take them home. Love them

  • bnewton

    bnewton CUTE n FUN!!! Amazing different pics and puzzles at different levels so it's perfect for all ages.

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