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Foursaken Media

Puzzle to the Center of Earth الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

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الإصدار: يتباين بحسب الجهاز
حجم: 8.0M


الشروع في رحلة ملحمية إلى مركز الأرض في هذا المزيج الفريد من platforming، وحفر، والمباراة الثلاث الحيرة!


• المباراة الثلاث تجتمع في platforming اللغز فريدة من نوعها!
• استكشاف أكثر من 80 مستويات كما كنت حفر طريقك إلى مركز الأرض!
• حل الألغاز، والعثور على الكنز الأسطوري، واستكشاف عالم واسع تحت الأرض.
• تم تصميم هذه اللعبة واحدة الوفاض خصيصا للأجهزة النقالة.
• التغلب على المخلوقات، والفخاخ، كهف الإضافية، الحمم والجليد والمحيطات تحت الأرض، وأطنان أكثر!

مثلنا في الفيسبوك أو تابعنا على تويتر للحصول على أحدث الأخبار:

يرجى ملاحظة: لغز إلى مركز الأرض هو حر للعب، ولكن يسمح للاعبين لشراء سلع في اللعبة من أجل المال الحقيقي. إذا كنت لا تريد استخدام هذه الميزة، فقط إيقاف مشتريات التطبيق على جهازك. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
الأرض, مركز, , لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 30, لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 29, لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 33, لغز إلى مركز الأرض تجول, لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 38, لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 28, لغز إلى مركز الأرض مستوى 39, لغز إلى مركز الأرض أنقاض الباب السري

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تعليقات حول Puzzle to the Center of Earth

  • lxizqwb

    lxizqwb After update I am not able to play anymore, promlems are in the frozen, 2nd level. Please, fix the bug, because ai really want to play this beautiful game. Thank you Enjoy it!

  • qkmtxwijcac

    qkmtxwijcac This game would rate a 5 if it didn't crash so often. I kept playing despite the frustration of the constant crashes because it's attractive and interesting. But level 32 is crashing so much it's become unplayable. Too bad! 5 star

  • tejybbkhwtj

    tejybbkhwtj Absolutely love this game. It's the only one that I HAVEN'T beaten in less than a month. I only have one problem with it. When getting the treasure on one level, you can't get it because the character doesn't jump high enough! Must have

  • Smestepef

    Smestepef Please fix crashes Great game on iPhone, but crashes constantly on Android. It was tolerable until level 32. On 32, the crashes are every few seconds. Please fix. It is incredibly annoying and I will not spend money on the game until corrected.

  • cyhlde

    cyhlde Buggy One of the best cell phone games I've ever played, if not for the crashing. On some devices and levels it crashes every few seconds to minutes making it unplayable. If you're lucky enough to be able to get past some of the more crash prone areas then this is a wonderful game. Suitable for casuals and puzzle freaks alike depending on wether you care to try to figure out how to get to all the chests and levers. Worth it!

  • josee69

    josee69 Bought the full game but... I like the game, but they have made it with pay to win in mind. After the 10 first levels, in order to get the chest and hit the switch I'm forced to pay 1-2 euros for each level to get them. So if I pay 100e to 150e total,I'll be able to get all the targets completed within the 80 levels. As paying iap is main target in this game, all I can do is to tell you about it. When you pay the 4-5 euros to unlock unlimited lives, it is just the first step, you'll easily end up paying who knows how much . wow lol

  • harveyb

    harveyb Great game but Mixed genre in a single game. Its an incredible puzzle game with a twist. Just like heroes and castle 1&2. Foursaken, i hope you can fix the first hit bug on HC2. When i am playing, after the tutorial that tells me how to block, when i hit the enemy or the enemy would hit me, the game would freeze, then the game will crash. I hope you can fix it because i am currently playing hc1 and i really love it. I hope by the time im finished playing the first sequel, the bug would be then solved. Hc2 was the best. Omg

  • gjifbtub

    gjifbtub Crashes Constantly!!! I absolutely love this game but it crashes every few seconds. Sometimes I can play for a few minutes before it crashes but others it's crashing everytime I turn around. It's an awesome game if I could play it without it crashing. Enjoy it!

  • RoyalSands

    RoyalSands Epitome of innovation This has got to be one of the most creative and superbly executed puzzle games I have ever played. Great!

  • mohit_0316

    mohit_0316 Addictive Have been playing this for a few months both on ipad and Samsung note. I loved this game...have managed to get to level 50 without paying anything. It is possible. Can't get past level 32 on my Samsung note it constantly crashes as soon as you move. And I've found level 50 on my ipad impossible to get past. Such a shame. Just wow

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