الألغاز مع المتطابقات for Android

Celtic Spear
الألغاز مع المتطابقات الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • Erottscooks

    Erottscooks و لا يوجد أعضاء مجلس الشعب السابق محمد بن راشد العفاسي و عليكم سلام عليكم سلام على كل حال وجود خطأ من جديد بعد الفراق بين البلدين من جديد بعد الفراق بين

  • whoisthebaldguy

    whoisthebaldguy اللعبه جميله عباره عن طريقتين في اللعب إما لعب عن طريق تحريك الأعواد لتشكيل أشكال معينة أو تحريك الأعواد لتصحيح معادلة حسابيه لكن هناك مشكله في اللغة العربيه وهي عدم تشابك الحروف. للعلم جهازي galaxy 5

  • amalkassem

    amalkassem Nice really challenging, which is great!!! (small con: the difficulty scaling is not balanced yet) love it

  • john932

    john932 Challenging I like the idea that if I can't get the solution, they show me the shadow and it helps me think of another way to consider the answer. And the solution shadow doesn't cost anything. I recommend it highly. Perfect

  • BeenueLeamP

    BeenueLeamP Stuck at level 9 So, I actually liked the game, until level 9. It says to move 3 matches to get 3 squares, and the solution shows 4 matches moved for 3 squares. I'm stuck and can't progress now... if they can fix this, I'd like the game more. wow lol

  • MoniQJtgo

    MoniQJtgo Great game, fun to play. The idea of solution is awsm !!! Keep making nd updating games like these! Recommend

  • AccessionPR

    AccessionPR Great game to play, while still exercising your brain. Not too hard, but not easy. : ) Brilliant

  • vinsai

    vinsai Puzzles with matches the Patterns & number puzzles which make you stop & think Great fun!! Nice that the whole family can join in Good

  • noidaheartbeat

    noidaheartbeat Great game Great game, but sound ov. n ads annoying when game set to silent. A few really tricky ones in there Perfect!

  • bsweetz

    bsweetz Great brain teasers but....... The adds pop and pop but this is a nice game for time pass and I love it Omg

  • eydnzs

    eydnzs Great brain teasers but....... The adds pop and pop but this is a nice game for time pass and I love it

  • hcxykzaehi

    hcxykzaehi A good game It's a good game, but for many levels I was required to take help of solutions, so its tough sometimes.

  • streara

    streara The old days.... ...of me pub crawling in the 70s and seeing bartenders setting these up and challenging the patrons to solve these in 60 seconds or less. Suffice to say I comped a few free shots/drinks/beers 8 {)

  • ckwajhvm

    ckwajhvm Perfect I gave perfect stars coz I really had fun playing this game, great job!!

  • pinerone

    pinerone Quick yet challenging This game is great for times when you have a few minutes to fill. It challenges you to think creatively without the stress of a timer and offers different levels of hints to point you in the right direction without having to give up altogether.

  • lrlmpw

    lrlmpw Game of Rearrangement Rearranging matches helps to rearrange thinking sets of mind. Finding alternate ways to arrange matches without using hints will help us find to find alternative ways to succeed in real life thinking out of box! Real deal for brain especially rearranging Rhombus & Hexagon!

  • JamesDP

    JamesDP Luv it Nice puzzle game to amaze as well as train ur brain.gud exercise and fun to play Worth a go!

  • geraldcumled

    geraldcumled Its Great It gets your brain working and I have lots of fun during the process. I love it! 5 star

  • SouthWing

    SouthWing Great time waster and brain teaser. Muito bom!

  • Toyotachulavista

    Toyotachulavista Awesome brain food. Awesome