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استعداد حبل لسباق أسفل التلال مع التمزق وروكسي!

( 55,426 )
حجم: 45M


يشعر الاندفاع وعقد على ضيق كما كنت اهبط أسفل الجبال بسرعة فائقة.

سحب قبالة الحيل التي تتحدى الموت مرتدة بين منصات إطلاق، وركوب قوس قزح والصاروخي فوق العقبات في المغامرة الأكثر redonkulous من أي وقت مضى.

الرف حتى النقود وروكين الكامل البعثات لفتح والعتاد الجديد الحلو التمزق وروكسي، والأكثر الخوف محتجزي خطر على كوكب الأرض.

انها عشوائي. انه سخيف. في الحقيقة، راد حقا. لعب مجانا الآن!


اختيار rappeller المفضلة لديك، مع كل المهام الفريدة والمقتنيات!

ألاعيب الأخيار
رفع مستوى مع مجموعة كبيرة من الحيل التي توقف القلب والمناورات ملحمة!

الموزع بشكل عشوائي
لفة بشكل عشوائي لتجهيز لتغيير قواعد اللعبة وشكا من السلطة مثل الإرتداد أحذية وتحيي!

REMIX ثوريا
الحيل سلسلة والحفاظ على قوة الدفع لملء شريط ريميكس ويصبح لا يقهر!

تحتدم الخصومات
منافسة الأصدقاء لتعزيز الموقع الخاص بك كما جنونا التشويق طالب على هذا الكوكب!


ملاحظة هامة:

هذه اللعبة تحتوي على اختياري في التطبيق المشتريات. يمكنك تعطيل هذه الميزة في قائمة الإعدادات الخاصة بجهازك.

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ميزة: الرسومات الملونة ضوابط بسيطة 2 الشخصيات التنافس مع الأصدقاء


  • Radical Rappelling APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • Radical Rappelling APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.
  • Radical Rappelling APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.

تعليقات حول Radical Rappelling

  • sjafgc

    sjafgc Fun fun fun My second love after jetpack joyride. I didn't think they could beat it, but they did! Flawless

  • GrowStats

    GrowStats Bug? Not sure if iam missing something but the upgrades are doing nothing. I have the spikes fully upgraded to be smaller and they are the same size as when I started. All the other upgrades are doing nothing as well. Awesome

  • Pnjsvwddpukb

    Pnjsvwddpukb This game gives me a case of Vertigo. Maybe its just me, but I feel a bit dizzy after playing this game. Dont take me wrong, I LOVE this game. Halfbrick has been developing some really great games, including this one. But I guess this is not for me. Again, the problem is with me, and not with the game, so I am giving it 5 stars. So play with caution, and enjoy. Played on Huawei Honor 7, running Android EMU (Lollipop). wow lol

  • fertilizers

    fertilizers Good with shortcomings A perfect time waster, it plays simple. and fast. That is where the good things end. At some point, the missions become impossible which force you to buy progress via rubies. The ingame purchases are steep and the amount of coins you gain on each run could be increased. Or give a free randomizer spin every 12 hours instead of 24. Worth it!

  • pragueholidays

    pragueholidays Atleast is game me life honi chahiye.. Game out hone pr fir se starting se khelna padta hai plsss isme thode changes karo Superb!

  • Cuozttiag

    Cuozttiag Bug maybe? Great game! Addictive and very cool! But every time the lava comes close or start with a remix, the game runs lagged, really lagged. Surprisingly

  • thewebstore

    thewebstore Good This used to be my fave game but it's now boring as there's nothing past level 8 so yeah....UPDATE PLEASE? Flawless

  • James2011

    James2011 Everything is good, but... There is a bug in the game. Whenever I start with a "Remix Start" with a "Super Remix", obviously the character travels very fast. But during a few (1 or 2) instances I have experienced, the player dies without any reason when I tap and hold during "Super Remix" and "Remix Start." Also sometimes I experience a lot of lags while playing, and many times I have died only because of the lags. Maybe because I am using a low end device.

  • nmjohn30

    nmjohn30 Cool. This sure is a good game but I have experienced a glitch. Everlasting effects! I got the speed up your radical remix bar on the randomiser and my three runs finished. My effect was still there. Fun glitch but please fix

  • irenebe

    irenebe Addicting I'm at level 52 and still playing everyday. It's great, easy to learn, entertaining and addicting. The only flaw I have right now is completing the item list. I have 210 out of 216 items and the game gives no hint as to where the other ones are or how to obtain them. Maybe it's not a flaw, but looking for them for over a month is kind of frustrating. Personal issue I guess, but it would still be nice to have an option to buy a hint or something. And I'm missing 1 rare trick with the same story. Raahhhhh.

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