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استرخ مع Recolor - كتاب التلوين المفضل في العالم.

( 52,850 )
الإصدار: 5.2.4
حجم: 56.77 MB


إعادة اكتشاف الاسترخاء البسيط وفرحة التلوين!

يوفر Recolor فرصة لتوجيه القلق إلى تحقيق ، والإنجاز الإبداعي ، وهي الطريقة المثلى للتراجع عن ضغوط الحياة اليومية.

يحتوي برنامج Recolor على أكثر من 3000 صورة تلوين فريدة ويقدم صورًا جديدة كل يوم. تم تنظيمها في فصول موضوعات ، مع مجموعة من التعقيد من المبتدئين إلى مستوى الخبراء ، وتتميز الصور بورتيتس ، Mandalas ، الحيوانات ، الزهور ، المزخرفة ، Mortes وأكثر من ذلك بكثير.

قم بإنهاء أعمالك مع تأثيرات أسلوب فريدة من نوعها التي تجعل التصميم والإبداع في حياتك. تم تصميم لوحات الألوان الطازجة والمتناسقة للتخفيف من الإجهاد! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Recolor - Coloring Book‏

  • fashionsport88

    fashionsport88 Love the app, but... It crashes all the time. It would also be nice to save progress because once it crashes Ive lost a project I was on. Also like others have said, having the ability to do all the things Apple gets for free. Otherwise, I LOVE this app. Very addictive. I've colored some masterpieces lol Fantastic

  • andyblkend

    andyblkend App is great but glitchy It doesn't show me all the pictures and sometimes it won't let me scroll down or up. I might consider buying the full version if it wasn't so glitchy. Also, it doesn't have all the features that it does on apple. Why not? Highly Recommend.

  • sonfyuyfpq

    sonfyuyfpq Stressbuster Really great app for when I return from work and look for some 'calm' time. However, one star less for keeping all the good designs expensive. Cheers! Not bad

  • Williamisdrl

    Williamisdrl Good app, but. . Daily free picture did not show up today. I look forward to the new ones and today I was coloring another pic when it was supposed to be getting a new one. Want to check out the new pic and there isn't one. But now it wants me to pay for yesterdays! Edit** I had to uninstall and reinstall app to get the daily pics to show up two different times. Please get it together! Muito bom!

  • remail245

    remail245 It would be much better if the old daily pictures were free to color. There isn't enough free pictures. Recommend

  • buywowgoldmbr

    buywowgoldmbr I love it especially coloring the messages. I have no problems with it.. something for me to do on my break at work or bored at home. Love it!❤ Works perfectly

  • simionnora

    simionnora Like it but needs work I love all the different colors and gradients in which to color with. I do wish it was easier to save a picture other than acting like you are finished with it and going back. I also have issues every time I open it. It almost always has to send an error report which gets old. Awesome

  • eltonthomas

    eltonthomas Amazing This is such a cool app!!! The only thing is some of them cost money. Eh whatever I love it any way Good

  • inciongeyo

    inciongeyo Badass This app is pretty awesome. I hate coloring but this is something I can actually focus on. And then once you see the cool filters at the end, Youre just mind blown by that point. Great app. All the way. Enjoy it!

  • incionglqf

    incionglqf If you don't finish your picture, you can't open it back up!!!!!!! Great pictures and colors, but..........why can't you open pictures back up? When you offer a couple of "free" pictures, you can only color one. Go well

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