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محبي ألعاب منطق الخصم والألغاز عدد مثل سودوكو وكاسحة ألغام؟

لغز الأحجار هي لعبة المنطق الذي سوف تدريب عقلك: مثل الكلمات المتقاطعة ولكن مع مربعات وأرقام. وتقوم اللعبة على الألغاز الآسيوية المعروفة باسم picross، griddler وnonogram. انه تحد العقل الحقيقي ملفوفة في تجربة ممتعة حيث كنت في حاجة للتفكير واستخدام عقلك لتحقيق النجاح.

فك لغز الشبكات لدينا، سوف تستخدم الأرقام تشير إلى الساحات التي لتنشيط في كل شبكة على أساس القواعد البسيطة. كل رقم يخبرك أين إضافة الساحات في صف أو عمود. يمكنك مقارنته سودوكو أو المتقاطعة مع تدريب الدماغ أكثر متعة. سوف تتعلم بسهولة، التقدم بسرعة وبسرعة الحصول على مدمن! سيكون ضربة لديك مانع!

لغز الأحجار يقدم رائعة عبر أكثر بين الكلمات المتقاطعة، سودوكو، كاسحة ألغام والألغاز الأخرى على أساس الأرقام حيث يمكنك عبور تلميحات للعثور التي المربعات لتنشيط. ولكن كن حذرا والتفكير الصحيح، إذا كنت اضغط على مربع الخطأ، وسوف يؤدي الى الفخ!

محبي picross، nonogram، griddler، والطلاء بواسطة أرقام تفرح وتتمتع ريدل الأحجار ...
حل الألغاز عبر الشبكة عن طريق المنطق وخصم! العب الان!

متوفر في الفيسبوك أيضا.

لغز الأحجار خال تماما للعب، ولكن بعض العناصر في اللعبة مثل حياة اضافية تتطلب الدفع. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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  • palynpeterson

    palynpeterson "Logic" Puzzle with guessing For the first few 100 levels it's an awesome app with some fun puzzles. Then it starts becoming really repetitive and the puzzles start to feels the same. Plus a whole lot of the puzzles involve a guess at the end which ruins the whole "puzzle" aspect of Good

  • AdamTButner

    AdamTButner Hard and Easy at the same time I love this kind of thinking game, fairly easy and yet be careful because you can make a mistake quickly at the same time. Would be 5 stars but there is no adventure to the game. Just puzzles over and over. No real objective.

  • InfuserNow

    InfuserNow Like it but ... I really like this game but the levels do seem to repeat. More annoyingly is the fact that sometimes there are more than one solution to the game but only one will not lose you a life which is very unfair.

  • perryjudi

    perryjudi Enjoyable game but .... Though most of the time its logic other times there is no way out but to guess the answer. Its so annoying to lose a life just because you had to guess.

  • zqbtwclfl

    zqbtwclfl Fun but not spending $$ Great game, works well on my phone. Only few downfalls... They almost make you spend $$$$ to play. $1 will give me 10 gems and it cost 6 gems to get 1 special move!?!? Not paying $1 for a special move!!! Also the amount of points they take for 1 mistake is rediculous!!!

  • freshpromo

    freshpromo Addicted Love the game cant put it down wouldn't spend money on it tho you do loose lots of you life for silly mistake

  • keynote

    keynote Nothing special When you make a mistake it takes away more than your max amount of life, so you get to a point where there is no possible way to win if you ever make a mistake. Also, there are many levels where more than one answer could be right, but since you lose more than your max life, if you get it wrong you have to redo the whole set. I will be happy to reinstall and continue playing if the amount of life lost for mistake is proportioned better.

  • largedogcrates123

    largedogcrates123 I liked it at the beginning However I noticed that it keeps on using the same puzzles over and over? Lame. I also don't like how inconsistent the amount of health you lose when you mess up or gain when you eat treats. It is also hard to exit the game without going into my task manager. It also likes to crash. Sometimes I die and then I run out of lives and then it glitches out and brings me back to the puzzle with 0 health and i can continue to play. Oopes! I don't think you guys ment that to happen! Edit: I want to say more, can't

  • asalvador

    asalvador Too long to wait for lives I love playing this game but I shouldn't have to wait so long for another life. There should at least be a way to earn lives in the mean time.

  • Pollwine

    Pollwine Fun but annoying As so many people have said, the amount taken away for a mistake is maddening. I love this game, it's a great challenge but when you have to guess and it's wrong it's very frustrating. I refuse to spend money on this game because it's a waste. Come up with a better life bar.

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