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الإصدار: 2.0
حجم: 25M


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تعليقات حول Risky Road

  • tlrfnbmbtkc

    tlrfnbmbtkc LOVE, but you could.... I absolutely love this addictive app and I recommend it to everyone! But I suggest that when you die in water(if the artifact isn't broken) there should be an option that costs 25 coins or something and a crane comes and picks you up and you can resume your game. Highly Recommend.

  • bridgette

    bridgette We Want More! The Game is fine as it is, but Please add trucks and eggs with special abilities. For example, the trucks could go faster or stick to the ground better or flide! And as for the eggs they could stick to the trunk better or give you a second chance when it shatters so you can start where you left off. Please put this into thought. I was wondering if you could let is buy more backrounds with coins that have themes, like Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. Thank you. Awesome

  • trackingsoftstuff

    trackingsoftstuff Many negative 1.whats the use of collectibg coins here you use coins like upgrading cars or buying better cars it is just changing colour.2. We connot see whats commig we are going slowly and suddenly a jump comes.but it is super game and many stunts is done here .hahahaha Must have

  • theessenceafrica

    theessenceafrica Challenging but great fun Great!!! Anyone complaining about lack of controls is just mad they suck at the game. Look at flappy birds, only one control and still a great game. Issue is too many adds and you should add other cars map layouts and different sized eggs. Otherwise very challenging and exciting. Surprisingly

  • cap123

    cap123 Why is this app supported on s3 mini??????? It crashes when car menu is opened so I'm still using the default car and there are random colored shapes that pop up almost constantly. Please fix then I will rate 5⭐. Highly Recommend.

  • terrykramer511

    terrykramer511 Great game Really fun game, but i think it would be better if there was a mode without the egg. No need for suspension upgrades or speed because the game is nice and simple which makes it good. Anything else would just be too complicated and may lose the simple aspect. But yeah a mode without the egg would be more fun. Great!

  • Rxayhcvezjngx

    Rxayhcvezjngx Best Game Ever! It has me so addicted. I've been playing around with it and I am having so much fun. I've only had it for 2 days but even with high expectations I think you'll have fun. But expect lots of ads. Superb!

  • Peterzmijewski

    Peterzmijewski Please read the reason for this being a good game is because it runs smoothly and the graphics are quite good, there are some improvements like adding attachments to the vehicle; for example, some ropes to hold the egg in place after a curtain drop the rope breaks... Muito bom!

  • qhslikr

    qhslikr Best Awesome game. Simple yet tricky, a good way to pass time. I love this game and play all the time. My highest score is 147. 5 star

  • zkujyvf

    zkujyvf It's alright... First of all, why do so many ads have to pop up? Second, THERE NEED TO BE BRAKES!!! Like you have to go REALLY slow on the hills and the jumps, you HAVE TO go full speed unless you fall into the water and die. When you DO go full speed, the egg falls out and you CAN NOT STOP!!! IT'S INSANE!!! NEEDS TO ADD BRAKES! Works perfectly

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