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Ball Games

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حجم: 2.5M


الهدف سهل! اجلب الكرات الى الحفرة بتحريك هاتفك او جهاز التابلت. يجب ان تدخل الكرة الحمراء اخراً. في بعض المراحل, ستحرك الكره في متاهة وتجمع العملات الذهبية.

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  • torquetoolmanagement

    torquetoolmanagement اذا انتي خلصتى بيوم واحد انا بخمسة دقائق خلصتها ههههههههه

  • leanne32

    leanne32 easy i fnished all levels hard and easy in 10 mintus. so i want more level. it is very easy game. but pinns are very well. intresting game. Amazing!

  • vintageaprons

    vintageaprons Tests your motor skills You could think it's boring but it's challenging. Play through the entire game without losing the red ball first and you'll find it challenges your thinking. Fun unobtrusive and few ads. In the hard levels the holes chase the red ball. It moves on to many coloured balls and coloured holes increasing the challenge. Very smooth rolling ball action. Good fun wholesome game... no guns or killing! ! S3 4.4 Surprisingly

  • aboverubies

    aboverubies Nice but... This is a very nice game... Its addicting, relaxing and challenges our reflexes all at the same time... But,... This is too short i like downloaded it on 2:15 and on 2:25 i conpleted it all.... Plz add more levels and i'll rate it 5 stars. Pretty good

  • MMANews

    MMANews Nice and simple, but please add more levels and make it a little more challenging. Marvelous

  • giiaprck

    giiaprck It's really fantastic I would give it five stars but there are very few levels therefore I gave 4 that's enough Surprisingly

  • guildwars2htf

    guildwars2htf Good game Would call this game great and addictive if it had more levels. Easy to start, hard to put down. Not enough game play. Labyrinth mode is great for puzzle lovers. Hard presents some challenge but is limited once you find the trick. Flawless

  • diuselell

    diuselell Its a fun game but sometimes the balls roll over the hole not in and every now and then when the red ball is the last one in, it weows and gives me more balls. Awesome

  • dotcommedia

    dotcommedia Very cool, creative game. Challenging yet fun as I've always liked this kind of game. I have a suggestion for an update: Make a category called Reverse, where you control where the holes move... And the balls move on their own! I'd really like to see an update like this!! Enjoy it!

  • elmhurstjaguar

    elmhurstjaguar Liked It There are a few challenges that I love. Really not a baf game if you enjoy de-stressing games. Thumbs up! Muito bom!

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