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ROM Toolbox Lite هو يجب أن يكون لكل مستخدم.
  • zupanciva

    zupanciva Jared, thank you for the awesome app! Jared, thanks for creating this very powerful app. Your journey of many hardships & trials and your unwavering faith throughout each one makes me even happier to support a fellow brother in Christ! God bless you! Marvelous

  • cloelampron

    cloelampron Good but, Can't load or change theme. Find a simple solution to the complaint. I use tecno phantom 5, lollipop 5.1 Recommend

  • daniellejennif5

    daniellejennif5 A must - have app for rooted phones. Android 4.4: Outrageous performance tweaks, CPU speed adjustment, etc. Android 5: Task manager does not work properly, unable to uninstall stock apps. I'd be better to add a feature which disables/freezes unwanted bloatware automatically. Otherwise, it's a 5 star application. Fabulous!

  • kyriazi

    kyriazi Best root app in the store This is a do it all app. Save some time and space and just get this for almost all your needs. Perfect!

  • vvooss

    vvooss Amazing IF you know how to use it. Amazing set of tools a real must have for anyone that knows what they are doing. WARNING geek tools, ppl, if you aren't one this app WILL brick your device. Ppl posting problems here should Google xda developers first many resources there for noobs to unbrick their stupidity. But ya gotta READ to learn. 3stars for the annoying pro nags/paywall, , MANY "legacy" features not working right, and lack of a major update for years. Material design at least, guys, its 2016. Superb!

  • SawNexirraxia

    SawNexirraxia A Useful, Powerful, DANGEROUS Tool. UNLESS you are skilled enough that you know what "adb", "chmod", et. al. are, DO NOT use this. You need to really know what you're doing … and even then, expect trouble from changing fonts or boot animations [which can be dangerous on some phones]. •••• That said: I was hoping that the Auto Start Manager had a feature to back up & restore changes. I already have tools that do everything this one does. So it's not what I'm looking for.

  • RD_Decuecy

    RD_Decuecy - DADDY DADDY I found this great app! It's on sale at the moment! - When you come home from school, son

  • nina_bondarook

    nina_bondarook Good work.. With the app I designed for my phone this program helps my Android run problems, errors or bugs. I have a fully customized android phone 100%. It does not look like any android phone at all...never seen anyone with system setup so perfectly and 100% fully customizable in every way. This tool helped me finally be able to remove the flaw that all smartphones have.

  • mmcdow1313

    mmcdow1313 Marshmallow issue. Ratings not going down, probably never, but ever since I've updated to Marshmallow and of course I'm rooted, it's just that the app doesn't function at all, probably. I can't freeze or defrost apps, can't edit build.prop, and yeah, actually that's all I do with this app and that's all I usually do a lot of times. Is there a way or something or an update coming along?

  • Ndxjrafidklb

    Ndxjrafidklb But why..? I would have given 5 stars, it really looks promising.. But even though my phone is rooted the boot animation i installed doesn't load up when restarted..i can't figure it out..!!

  • topdijo

    topdijo Good, still needs work. The Add Launcher screen is messed up, it *still* doesn't blatantly indicate premium features, and it keeps asking to "upgrade" TWRP from to SGH i727 S II Skyrocket rooted stock. Can't wait for the update.

  • brendafl

    brendafl Haha, silly... Silly of me to bricked my phone after installing some fonts, don't worry I've unbricked it... The reason it was bricked is because when using Font Installer in ROM Toolbox, it "chmod 0644 (that's the right permission)" but it "chown system:system"... It should be "chown root:root"... Fix this before someone bricked his or her phone...

  • Mawgrairl

    Mawgrairl Soo cool This app is so cool. It is a must have i have a feeling i will brick my phone going to crazy but it's worth it must download

  • Francisa

    Francisa Certainly a must have I cannot complain. Everything has faults when faced with mass corporate war between Google and Carriers. A suggestion to the people down rating this app. Maybe it is your discount carrier locking up your phone. Or maybe your hardware was not meant to run lollipop? If you are having trouble try another approach other than slamming this wonderful app because of your device or carrier firmware incompatibility. You can shine up and modify a Chevy as much as you want, it still will not perform like a Ferrari...

  • tqfbdmwl

    tqfbdmwl All in One Toolbox The app is one stop destination for all your root needs. Most of the functions I got to try worked really well. The UI however should be kept up to date. As after I installed cyanogen the same was presented with a better UI. However this app is a must have for every rooted device.

  • Lmhxqotjme

    Lmhxqotjme OK but... Please update this app, I am waiting, it is one of the best root apps! I'm just gonna lower my rating over time!

  • ghou123

    ghou123 Not really up to date Available Roms for dl seem to be only up to kikkat, would like to see at least lollipop and corresponding gapps. Also, though I admit I haven't hit every option, I fail to find anything about dling to external sd specifically. Don't care about it, just don't see why the complaints. Not a bad app, not a great app, just an app what does what it do.

  • baykes75

    baykes75 Yup This app is great but dangerous... Just know what ur doing and its a wonderful set of tools. If u dont know what ur doin u can go brick city... :-)

  • jaguar2340

    jaguar2340 Amazing So many useful features, suprised it is included in the free version. For any person who likes rooting or simply just messing with your phone, I highly recommend you try it. Cheers.

  • dsojajkdz

    dsojajkdz 5star Working good. Thanks to the developer and more power.Amazing Apps-Really helpful and USEFUL. Great"Job" well done. Deserves 10 Star.