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( 27,250 )
الإصدار: 2.0
حجم: 12M


الجديد، مصقول، العقل والانحناء، الحد الأدنى من لعبة اللغز مع العشرات من المستويات، وتصميم غير عادي ..
 - المتقنة الحد الأدنى لعبة اللغز
 - 77 العقل والانحناء المستويات
الحصول على استعداد لتجربة لغز جديدة ..

الأمثل لالعقول البشرية


  • Rop‏ APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • Rop‏ APK contains AdColony ads - AdColony: AdColony is a premium mobile video advertising network & monetization platform.
  • Rop‏ APK contains AppLovin ads - AppLovin: Social mobile ad network
  • Rop‏ APK contains HeyZap ads - HeyZap: Launch and find your games, discover new ones, and meet awesome new people to play with.
  • Rop‏ APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.
  • Rop‏ APK contains HeyZap sdk - HeyZap: Maximize the lifetime value of your games in real-time through PlayHaven's dashboard.

تعليقات حول Rop‏

  • healthagy

    healthagy Crashes all the time I've made some progress in game, but now, for no reason, I am not able to pass the Google game registration. I don't have a user for that service, cuz I don't need one. love it

  • Diadatrieni8a

    Diadatrieni8a MIND blowing It really requires good mental ability for solving last few puzzles.. Highly Recommend.

  • Xindajic

    Xindajic Good concept Good concept, but most puzzles are trivially easy, and there is no difficulty progression. The levels appear to have been designed randomly. Particularly with the cutting mechanic, there are often so many cuts allowed on a level that it's probably harder not to solve the level. Also, if for go through puzzles quickly, there's more ad time than puzzle time. Fabulous!

  • sadvibes

    sadvibes Its great for the brain Loved it completed both package and cant wait for the third! Also to people complaining about the ads I turned off my wifi or put my phone on aeroplane mode and it was fine. love it

  • ForexFarm

    ForexFarm Monetizing - you're doing it wrong The game itself is really good, but as the others reviews said, it gets annoying seeing a 30' add every 2 puzzles Surprisingly

  • winfamelenticular

    winfamelenticular Perfect, just a little concern Like others mentioned yet, there is way to much interruptive advertising in the game. It's even so bad that I turn my wifi of so I can enjoy the game without the annoying adds. If I were you, I would stop allowing video adds, or at least put them just every 10 games or so. Maybe it's less interruptive if you put your adds in a banner at the bottom of your page? But like mentioned before, I really like your app and I want to award you with add revenue, but at this moment, the adds are way to annoying. 5 star

  • NaturalEnergy43

    NaturalEnergy43 Game is fun, ads are horrible. The game is actually a good amount of fun for me, however, the ads are an incredibly frustrating part of the experience. The game has this very calm music, with simple calm game play. AND THEN THE ADS BLOW UP AND PLAY SUPER EPIC MUSIC BECAUSE THIS IS A SUPER AWESOME GAME WE'RE ADVERTISING AND IT'S TOTALLY NOT A LEGAL GREY AREA TO USE A CHARACTER THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT! and then the ad ends, you continue your game and then two puzzles later YOU GO DEAF BECAUSE THE ADS ARE 200% LOUDER, NOW WITH ELECTROLYTES! wow lol

  • bdygrd

    bdygrd Want no ads? Well how stupid can you people be. Since this game doesn't require internet to work, you can just turn off the WiFi connection temporarily and restart the game and THEN turn it on again. The game only detects internet access when its turning on, not while its running. Must have

  • gaxVoraHoge

    gaxVoraHoge Awesome game even with the ads Loved the game. I am waiting for package 3 to open. Those of you who are giving bad reviews have two choices. Stop complaining about the ads (yes ads is spelled with one d) and uninstall the game or suck it up and just play the game. Problem solved!! Perfect!

  • ridleyfranco1

    ridleyfranco1 Hard but cool This game is hard but challenging . I like it. sometimes I get frustrated at it, but it is fun. I'm glad I downloaded this game. you should download it too. Perfect

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