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تعليقات حول Running Princess

  • turoaffisarty

    turoaffisarty I LOVE IT Because first when i seen it was by my friend.and i asked her whats the name of the game? and now i have it. If i could put 100,000,000,000 stars i would give it Omg

  • chovyvr

    chovyvr Awesome Awesome game. I love it. It's just so complex and challenging. I love to try. Well, I used to; my mom deleted it off her phone. Marvelous

  • hughes87

    hughes87 Ok cool I like this game but I can't get past the first level it's impossible but it's still a cool app 5 star

  • vayalzxufj

    vayalzxufj Ok Its ok because i like it but here also a reason why i dont like it. it's very hard,many adds,:-| very bad:-| Cool

  • HoroanaereGot

    HoroanaereGot Omg Super super I love this game it is so hard I love this game really it is so hard super super super super loved it super loved it no words Works perfectly

  • iodtpnb

    iodtpnb It is so fun I try meny princess colours for her dress and hair like snow white black hair and blue top so fuuuuun Not bad

  • Brisuaduarm

    Brisuaduarm I am 8 and it's really good I enjoy it and it's good princess run that was the best ever build have you seen the Cinderella one Brilliant

  • lmkjuky

    lmkjuky Running princess Me in my cousin love this game cause it has a female in females can do as mush as men can Fabulous!

  • andy819

    andy819 Its ok It works perfectly but it gets boring after a while good for littlens and I'm 10 so I mean about 4 year olds Surprisingly

  • chadpowell718

    chadpowell718 I think that it's amazing. I have some questions about the game. 1. What is the stuff princess falls in Just wow

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