تحميل Samsung Security Policy Update للحصول على الروبوت

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd..

سياسة الأمن أداة تحديث تحديثات سياسة الأمن الملفات SE لالروبوت.

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الإصدار: يتباين بحسب الجهاز
حجم: 850k


وتشمل أجهزة سامسونج التكنولوجيا (SE لالروبوت) للمساعدة في تأمين الجهاز الخاص بك.
وتستخدم هذه التكنولوجيا مجموعة من ملفات السياسة قابلة للتحديث مصممة للمساعدة في حماية بيانات الجهاز الخاص بك.
كما تم الكشف عن التهديدات الجديدة، سامسونج بتحديث السياسات الأمنية على الجهاز لمنع هذه الهجمات الجديدة.
يتم تمكين هذه الميزة دائما ويسمح الجهاز لتكون محمية بعد اكتشاف تهديد، بدلا من الانتظار للترقية البرامج المجدولة التالية.
تثبيت هذا التحديث يضمن أن لديك ما يصل إلى تاريخ الحماية لجهازك.
لمعرفة المزيد عن SE لالروبوت أو للحصول على نصائح على تأمين جهازك، يرجى زيارة تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
بحث متقدمنصائح البحث عن سكن إرسال تعليقات

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تعليقات حول Samsung Security Policy Update

  • WowDigitalMedia

    WowDigitalMedia No special permissions needed This isn't Spyware. It's an update to help keep your phone secure. And to those complaining about conspiracy should sell your 700 phone and go by a 20 prepaid that has no features. Half of you wouldn't last. wow lol

  • daniel_fennessy

    daniel_fennessy Improving security If your not familiar with all the recent data breaches you might not understand what this update is... its an update to improve YOUR security not Samsungs or if you don't like your information being secure you can re-expose the oath exploit by trying to uninstall it. Recommend

  • inciongstd

    inciongstd IT'S NOT MALWARE most you people are crying about it been some sort of malware when in fact if you look it's already on your phone! It's just an update for Samsung security! You can search on Google and it's on all of Samsung forums that it is a legit update xD Surprisingly

  • braingill11

    braingill11 Do you people know how your phone works?!? In addition to the many others who are asking you to read the description and calm down, I'd like you all to realize that YOU can choose whether EACH application from the Play Store is automatically updated or not. After you click on the app from your list of installed ones in Play, hit your menu button (bottom left) and un check the box for auto-update. Then you get notifications when there are updates and YOU decide whether and when to update. But you will not be able to uninstall most bundled software Highly Recommend.

  • lincolnholma613

    lincolnholma613 Samsung I am one of those that probably shouldn't have a smart phone, I admit to not knowing all the workings of my S4. I do however, appreciate Samsung looking out for the security of my phone. The price alone, makes me glad the Samsung Corp is protecting me. Thank you for all the comments, letting know I shouldn't have a smart phone, but I'm glad I do. Surprisingly

  • skylarentertainment

    skylarentertainment To all you skeptic morons First of all, this does not automatically install or update your phone unless you set your phone to allow automatic updates. Secondly...this is a security update..and just that...not the world order...or aliens trying to snoop into your life or control you. Get a grip. Read a book. Take a class on technology. Samsung is not going to risk sales and lawsuits to find out when you go to the bathroom. Please. Amazing!

  • aschlos20

    aschlos20 Samsung Stuff If all you "tech savvy" peeps can uninstall of ya don't want it. Seriously with all the crap apps out there and probably on your phone you worry about this. Grow up kiddies and go back to school. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. LMAO! Enjoy it!

  • resumeformatting

    resumeformatting Everyone Stop being idiots This is NOT Spam, malware or any other things you try to call it. This is for your Smart Phone's safety. Just like a computer has updates. So all calm down and STOP giving it a one star and saying bad things. Go email, call Samsung or your Tech guy with your carrier and ask them. Brilliant

  • PanCracyXYA

    PanCracyXYA Very polite <3 It asked me if I wanted to download, and after some consideration I accepted its offer. I had made it clear that I'd want all apps to ask before updating, and it obliged. Hoping for a notification for a second update soon! love it

  • stacybowers1026

    stacybowers1026 Read on it please There has always been security on your phone so updating security at some point is a must especially if you have a Samsung device that's going to get the lollipop update. Plus if you haven't been paying attention to news they are trying to keep the big dogs that run America from being able to access data through your phone. Calm down and do some research first!! Great job

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