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استمتع أسرع وأكمل رمل الجسيمات التي لديها أيضا دوران وليس الإعلانات. أنشئ أي شيء يحتوي على أكثر من 50 مادة مختلفة في بيئة مفتوحة ، ولعب حولك ، وارسم تصميمات مختلفة تستخدم التفاعلات بين العناصر ، وشاهد النتيجة. أو مجرد تفجير كل شيء!

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تعليقات حول sand:box - relaxing particle engine‏

  • sg65hrw5h

    sg65hrw5h Good time waster When you've got a lot going on, it slows down to a crawl. It's a good start though. There are many improvements and bug fixes needed. The premium upgrade wasn't worth the buck. Brilliant

  • markrd

    markrd Phun with physics... Reminds me of this awesome in browser game I used to play all the time, exact same play style. The only thing missing is the ability to save the scenarios you make, have a reset for that saved/current scenario and have it paused by default so you can tweak and play with the scene; without having a timed reaction throw it out of whack. Anyway a great app that I will be playing for a long time to come... wow lol

  • kennypittman1128

    kennypittman1128 Awesome Hey smellymoo, this is an amazing game and is a big difference from all the other particle games! I do have a request though, could you make some of the less powerful premium elements free please? I understand if you can't Great!

  • befsCreaftTer

    befsCreaftTer AMAZING!!! It's AMAZING. But I just have a question. What are the controls? I know it sounds weird but I try to spawn things and nothing happends. I don't think it's the game but just to know. Ah and did I said it is Amazing? Perfect!

  • doejanepk

    doejanepk Fun but.. Put a U shaped glass container full of acid, get tap, put lava on the tap, then connect the tap to the glass then boom, the app crashes. But it's a really fun game. Great way to pass time. Amazing!

  • ventsmart

    ventsmart Something weird happened I was playing. All of a sudden the 'tap' started being weird. Little bubbles popped around the 'tap' and ate everything just like 'black hole' i would appreciate a reply. An explanation. I want to do it again lol. Update: The bubbles popped up out of nowhere Worth a go!

  • martyjohnsto615

    martyjohnsto615 Nothing that special -Can't create explosions from steam. -Metal should get red hot, it doesn't change color or temp. -Should add movable objects so bullets and/or bombs can be created Recommend

  • funnycargames

    funnycargames Great bit of fun Sand doesn't seem to react with much. Have seen similar where sand + water makes mud/dirt, and instead of plants growing only from place tile, drop-able seeds which would grow in mud/dirt. Everything else is great though, constantly coming back to play it, make a big wall with a pool of acid beneath it and nuking the wall. Works great

  • simplyvinly

    simplyvinly Great, but a minor bug I have played around with many games with this concept, but none had such a good design, feel, and physics engine. There is one bug though, when trying to change the brush size, the setting does not take place. Regardless of whether I click save or tap out of the menu, the size setting does not work. :) love it

  • reggielove717

    reggielove717 Its a great game! This is a great sandbox, but I only have 1 disliking about it. Every once in a while, it will just stop showing all of the things Im trying to place.Pls fix one of my favorite games! Thanks! :) Also, you should add fire resistant Petrified wood. Just wow

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